Upside Down House

A Different Kind of Upside Down House

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Upside Down House

Our team handles lots of Long Beach short sales so we’ve helped lots of  “upside-down” homeowners but today I happened across a article on Yahoo  about a different kind of upside-down house.

Inside the home, all the belongings and furnishings are upside down. Outside, there’s even an upside down wheelbarrow and a car that’s parked upside down.

Apparently, there are a number of upside-down homes around the world. This particular one happens to be in Malaysia. The home’s owner was trying to make a statement about the potential impact of unbridled development, which has the potential to turn the world upside-down.

We can’t do anything about homes that are physically upside down, but if you know someone who has a home that’s the other kind of upside-down (as in a negative equity mortgage) we can help explore whether a short sale is a good option.