Are you falling behind on your mortgage?

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If you find yourself in a position where you owe more than your home is worth and you need to sell, a short sale may be your best option. But don’t get taken for a long, stressful ride by a self proclaimed ‘expert’. Click here to find out about short sales and other alternatives to foreclosure. You may be facing …


What Buyers Need to Know About Short Sales

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There are a couple common misconceptions about short sales that I often encounter when talking to buyers. I’d like to set those straight and give buyers a few pointers on what to consider when shopping for short sales. (A short sale by the way, is simply a sale where the seller is short on equity and thus must get permission …

The Benefits of Buying a Historic Home in Long Beach

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  There are many advantages to buying a home in a designated historic district, including stability and resale values.  Still, there’s much to learn before taking the plunge. STYLE AND CHARACTER—Historic properties are full of the style and warmth that many of us grew up with. The neighborhoods seem almost familiar to us, evoking a feeling of having been there before …