tudor home

Tudor, The Old World Classic Home

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As we begin cozying up for the winter, watching holiday classics and thinking of the spaces that make us feel the most festive, the Tudor home begins to creep into the foreground. This architectural style is famously seen in multiple films and TV shows, ranging from Harry Potter to Beverly Hills 90210. Long Beach is home to many of these classically elegant homes, reaching back to the city’s early history. History of Tudor Style Tudor originally gets its roots in England, during the rule of the House of Tudor. This earliest era of Tudor falls between 1485 and 1603. It has …

ranch style home

The Ranch Style Home: An American Classic

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Once one of the most prominent styles in the United States, Ranch style homes have become a ubiquitous part of the American neighborhood landscape. Characterized by their modernist appearance in comparison to earlier elaborate styles like Craftsman and Victorian, these open floor planned properties were the standard of living. The questions we look to to answer is what makes a Ranch home what it is, why was it so popular, and where do you find one for yourself locally here in Long Beach. Features of a Ranch Style House This architecture style is an American tradition. Ranch style homes were once …

Villa Rivera, Historical Long Beach property

Historical Properties: Living In History

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You’ve probably heard of the Waldorf Astoria. Everything from Art Deco glamour to music to cuisine have been impacted by it at some point. You might have also heard recently of the plans to turn this historical property into housing, and regardless if you’re for or against it, the decision is part of an increasing desire for real estate with historical value to meet local housing demands as well as prestige. Modern Conversions to Classics The Waldorf Astoria doesn’t mark the first historical property to become a residence, but it has caused a stir in the media. Built in the …

bungalow in Long Beach CA

Craftsman Bungalow Love

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Californians Love Craftsman Bungalows! According to a recent market update from the California Association of Realtors, 1/3 of buyers say the Craftsman bungalow is their dream home. Some of our local communities, including Long Beach, San Pedro, Pasadena, and Orange, have beautiful examples of Craftsman architecture and are sought out by those who love the homes. So what is it about the Craftsman bungalow that has people swooning? First, lets discuss what makes a bungalow a bungalow: The dictionary  defines a bungalow in very vague, simple terms: A one or one-and-a- half story dwelling. However, the vast majority of bungalows …

older home in Long Beach CA

Buying an Old Home in Long Beach

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Old Homes in Long Beach Bring Rewards And Risks Any home buyer who is searching for homes in Belmont Heights, Bluff Heights, Bluff Park, Rose Park, California Heights and other Long Beach neighborhoods is thinking of buying an old home since these neighborhoods consist primarily of older homes. Old homes can offer vintage charm and architectural appeal. But are there any special issues you should be aware of? Considering that many of these homes are located in historic districts and that most of a home’s components deteriorate with age, the answer is yes. Here’s a quick look at some things …

rancho with pool

Cliff May Rancho Homes in Long Beach

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  What is a Rancho?   A Long Beach Rancho is a house designed by Cliff May. The post war boom gave rise to new concepts of modernism in every day architecture within the new suburban developments. Cliff May took advantage of the Southern California climate and created homes in San Diego and Los Angeles that incorporated indoor and outdoor living into one. He erased the lines between the two environments. Every room in a typical Cliff May home connects to the outdoors. May is the father of the California Ranch House, also known as the mid-century modern home. Highlights include …


Exterior Painting – Long Beach Historic District

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What Do You Need To Know About Exterior Painting in A Long Beach Historic District? There are some special rules regarding exterior painting and other exterior modifications in Long Beach Historic Districts. A historic district contains a group of older homes that by themselves cannot be designated a historic landmark, but collectively they are worthy of preservation status. A historic neighborhood works together as a community along with the help of the city to preserve the visual qualities, and feelings of the past. Not only do the houses reflect an older period in time, but in some neighborhoods, even the …

Carroll Park

Owning A Home in Carroll Park

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Owning a home is as American as baseball and apple pie. First time home owners Jerrud and Lauden were looking for a home with character and charm that was walking distance to shops and restaurants. They found just that when they purchased their first home in the quaint neighborhood of Carroll Park in Long Beach, Ca.  Jerrud and Lauden in front of their Carroll Park Home Carroll Park is situated just south of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and wine bars along 4th Street Retro Row, just north of the popular Broadway corridor, Bluff Park and the beach. Carroll Park was …

Rose Park Offers Some Quaint Homes For Sale

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I bought my first home in the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach years ago and have been hooked on the area ever since then. I love helping home buyers and sellers in the Rose Park area and have now sold many of the homes in the area multiple times. Many home buyers my team and I have worked with over the years were like myself, stumbling upon the neighborhood after looking at homes in nearby, more expensive Belmont Heights. When I first began selling real estate in 1998, many Realtors weren’t familiar with the Rose Park neighborhood, but now it’s become …


Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Turf Replacement Program

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Now that Earth Day has come and gone, it’s time to put those environmental values into practice! If you own a home in Long Beach and are looking to go green, save some green, or BOTH, check out the City of Long Beach’s Lawn-to-Garden program! You could receive a rebate of up to $3,000 just for turning your water-guzzling lawn into a beautiful variety of semi-arid plants and flowers!