long beach lawn to garden tour

The Annual Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Tour is Back!

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A Beautiful, Drought-Tolerant Lawn is Possible!

Learn How at the 5th Annual Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Tour

long beach lawn to garden tour

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The free tour is an opportunity to visit over 30 newly transformed California-friendly gardens. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, May 14 from 10:00 to 2:00. Simply register here for the self-guided tour. At each home you will be able to talk to the gardener about how they planted their garden.

long beach lawn to garden tour

Photo Credit: LawnToGarden/Facebook

long beach lawn to garden tourIf you’ve been discouraged by the current California water restrictions implemented due to the severe drought, this tour is for you. The Lawn-to-Garden program is sponsored by the Long Beach Water Department and aims to provide incentives and tips to create a drought tolerant landscape. As of July 2015, the current monetary incentive is up to $2,500. To apply for the program and learn about the process, click here.

This tour shows that it’s possible to have a beautiful lawn that’s not wasteful. Standard grass lawns are notorious for soaking up a lot of water, which is why you see so many brown lawns these days. From design layouts to a selection of good plants to use, the Lawn-to-Garden program gives you all the tools you need to create a drought tolerant lawn. If you’re an amateur gardener, this tour gives you the chance to talk to other homeowners who have transformed their lawn and ask questions before beginning the process yourself.

Why is it important to create a drought-tolerant landscape at home?

The imported water supply in Long Beach has recently been permanently reduced. Standard lawns are typically very wasteful – About half the water used at each Long Beach home is used for landscape irrigation. If more homes in Long Beach plant drought-tolerant landscapes, the city will reduce water waste greatly. Such a landscape also saves energy and reduces urban runoff into the Long Beach coast.

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