weekend home decor projects

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Weekend Home Decor Projects

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No-fuss Weekend Home Decor Projects

Forget the Tools: Spruce up your home this weekend with these fun decorating projects!

Give Cabinets a Fun Background

Print out photos and tape them to the wall behind the shelves to create a fun collage. Just make sure you use a tape that won’t ruin the paint. Try Scotch removable mounting squares.

weekend home decor projects

Photo: HGTV.com

New Floors for the Commitment-Phobes

Tile tattoos are perfect for those who want a change but aren’t ready to commit. The temporary decals come in all sorts of shapes and designs. You can also use these on your kitchen or bath backsplash. Standard sizes are available on Etsy or you can custom order from places like Beautiful Wall Decals.


weekend home decor projects

Photo: BleuCoin/Etsy

The Simplest Shelving Unit Ever

Shelving units tend to be pricey. Build your own affordable one using cinder blocks and wood boards. The best part? No tools are required! Luckily, minimalist design is in style now too!

Photo: DIYHomeDecorating

Photo: DIYHomeDecorating

Photo Wall

Instantly transform a space by creating a photo wall. You can print photos off your phone at CVS super easily. No need to invest in expensive frames either – You can always paint the frame to spruce it up a bit. An alternative to using frames is Washi Tape!

weekend home decor projects

Photo: PopSugarHome.com

Paint an Accent Wall

Rather than paint an entire room, brighten up the space by painting one wall a fun color! Just remember to use painters tape so your paint job doesn’t look messy!

weekend home decor projects

Photo: BetterHomesAndGardens

Jazz up your Bedroom

Beautify your bedroom with a fun headboard. The easiest way is to hang up a piece of fabric in place of a headboard but you can also get creative and create a unique backdrop, such as this cool one using boat oars!

weekend home decor projects


Re-purpose an Old Ladder

It may no longer be sturdy enough to stand on, but that old ladder sitting around in your shed could make for a very trendy bedside stand. Instead of cluttering up a small side table, stack your items on each step.

Photo: FunkyJunkInteriors

Photo: FunkyJunkInteriors

Add Storage

Recycle old drawers or pick some cheap ones up at a thrift store or yard sale and attach them to your wall!

weekend home decor projects

Photo: DIYHomedecorating

Clipboard Wall Decor

Give your home some personality with clipboard wall decor. Print out your favorite quotes or sayings, clip them to a clipboard, and hang on your wall! You’ll love the end result and it takes no time at all.

Photo: feelitcool.com

Photo: feelitcool.com

Hide Unsightly Cords

Of all the ideas out there for hiding unsightly cords, this may just be the easiest one! Hide the cords from your electronics in a cute, decorative box, cut holes where it’s needed, and voila – you’ve successfully hid unsightly cords!

Photo: Remodelaholic

Photo: Remodelaholic

We hope you’ve found these home decor projects helpful! Happy decorating!

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