Spring Curb Appeal Tips

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Make a Good First Impression with Winning Curb Appeal!

How to Beautify your Home’s Exterior this Spring

Whether you’re prepping your home to be sold or not, curb appeal matters. Curb appeal is all about first impressions. You may have a beautiful home on the inside, but if it doesn’t look attractive when people pull up, it immediately loses appeal. Captivating curb appeal is especially important if you want to sell your home. If a buyer doesn’t like what they see from the outside, they will most likely not even bother looking at the entire house. Sspring is the perfect time to freshen up the exterior of your home, whether or not you’re considering selling.

Here’s your guide to creating winning curb appeal. Start by getting rid of excess clutter in your yard. If you have toys, tools, shoes, trash or any random items laying around in your yard, simply hiding them can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal. Don’t forget to weed.

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Power wash the outside of your home. This will provide you with a clean slate to work with.

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Re-fasten sagging gutters, reseal cracked asphalt, and replace missing bricks. Little mishaps like these really do give off an unmaintained vibe to onlookers.

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Add plants. A little landscaping can go a long way. However, there’s nothing more unappealing than a blank yard space. You’ll need a few large bushes (or tall grasses) to line the front of your house. Then just mix in spring time flowers and succulents, which are easy, durable plants. A fresh coat of mulch is also a must for a finished look.

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Decorate with potted plants on your porch. Add order by framing the door with two large potted plants. Flowers naturally make a home look more inviting. Hanging planters and climbing vines are also a great way to mix it up.

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Consider re-doing your walkway. A curved pathway made out of an attractive material, like stone, can completely transform your yard. Consider painting your concrete porch, particularly if old paint is chipping and peeling. And depending on your budget and the style of your home, you might consider dressing up concrete porches and walkways with tile and stone.

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Paint your door or at least scrub it. Don’t forget the doorknobs and the threshold. Add a festive spring wreath while you’re at it!

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Freshen up your address sign. Get new numbers or paint the current one a bright, fun color.

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Change out your old lighting fixtures. A pleasant outdoor porch light is worth it when it comes to curb appeal.

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If your garage door or porch are natural wood, give them a fresh stain.

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If you have a fence, plant flowers around the outside. If your budget allows, adding a decorative fence is a charming way to add curb appeal to your home.

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Buy a welcome mat. These are a great way to give your home a little personality. Choose something fun and make guests smile as they enter your home.

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Install window boxes. Spring is the perfect time to decorate with flowers.

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