How to Create an Attractive & Kid Friendly Home

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Your Home is not a Playground

Creating a Kid Friendly Space without Sacrificing on the Appearance is Possible!

Have you ever been to someone’s house before they had children and then visited again after they had kids? Did you feel like their house transformed from home to glorified playground? Or maybe this describes your home. Many parents complain of feeling like the kids have taken over their home. Whether you’re in the child proofing stage or the soccer practice and music lesson stage, here are some tips to help you make your home kid friendly without losing the charm and cleanliness of a home meant for adults too.

Low Maintenance is Key

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Perfectly fluffed throw pillows and crisp white furniture may look nice, but they just aren’t realistic if you have kids. Materials that are easy to clean will save you a lot of hassle in the future. Slipcovers could also be a lifesaver if you anticipate a lot of spills in your family’s future. Rugs made out of natural fiber are easy to clean, as are leather couches. (Tip: use a conditioner every 6-12 months and simply wipe up spills as they occur.) Another alternative? Use an outdoor rug indoors! They were made to be extra durable and the woven materials are design friendly too.

Create Space

Overcrowded rooms tend to look messy and when you have kids, it’s easy for all the toys to overfill a room. Also consider an open floor plan, which may require knocking down a wall. Open floor plans give the allure of more space and allow the whole family to be together without crowding into one room.

Double Duty Furniture

When you have kids, it’s unrealistic to think that your home will constantly be clutter free. However, if you have the right furniture, the clutter can be easy to hide in the event that you have guests coming over.  For example, these ottomans from Crate & Barrel serve as seating, storage, and side tables! kid friendly space

Not Stuffy – Just Livable

Rather than trying to make your home look picture perfect, go for the simple and cozy look. You want furniture that’s comfortable and a space that can actually be used. Move your collectibles and breakable decor items up high and keep surfaces fairly empty.  The key is to create a balance between style and real life. If you have toddlers, they will want to touch everything! The solution? Reserve bottom shelves for toys and children’s books. Also, skip out on shelves, lamps, and any other items that are easy to knock over.

Create a Play Station

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If you don’t want your entire house to be one big jungle gym, reserve certain spaces just for playing. Create a section of the living room where toys, books, and games can be stored. That way the kids will feel like they have their own special space and you can still keep an eye on them.

House Rules

Set some house rules. Especially as the kids get older, have them keep their sporting equipment, musical instruments and video games in their rooms or another designated area of the house. Keep a chore list and hold the kids accountable for doing their part to keep the home clean. Consider painting a small wall with chalkboard paint and use it to communicate with the family during busy schedules.

Create your “Me” Space

Running a household can be exhausting. Whether you’re cooking dinner, packing lunches, or helping with school science projects, parents need a break too. Set aside a separate space in the house for you. Dedicate this space to relaxing and taking care of yourself. Keep the space free of toys, Sippy cups, and kids books.




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