Take a Tour of POW! WOW! Long Beach 2018

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One of the many wonderful things about living in Long Beach is all the high-quality street art that is constantly popping up around the city. One of the reasons for this is the POW! WOW! art festival that heads our way every summer. POW! WOW! is a worldwide series of street art events that started in 2010. Cities that have …

Fall 2018 Real Estate Market Update

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Is The Real Estate Market Finally Getting Back to Normal? The housing market has been anything but normal for the last eleven years. In a normal real estate market, home prices appreciate 3.7% annually. Below, however, are the price swings since 2007 according to the latest Home Price Expectation Survey: After the bubble burst in June 2007, values depreciated 6.1% annually until February …


Long Beach Breakwater Update

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in collaboration with the city has developed a six option plan to restore and improve the ecosystem along the Long Beach coastline. While local surfers would like to see the  2.2-mile breakwater completely removed, city officials on Monday said removing the entire wall “would not be feasible.” However, two of the plans would include removing parts of …


Buying a Home: Step 6 is What to Expect When in Escrow

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Opening escrow is the final stage of buying a home. Up to this point, you have gotten pre-approved for you loan, scoped out neighborhoods, created a wishlist, chosen your Realtor, compared different homes, and put in an offer.  The sellers either accepted your offer, or issued a counter offer, which you accepted. So at this stage, your offer has been …

paint colors that sell

Paint Colors That Sell – And Ones That Don’t

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When planning to sell your home, paint colors play a bigger part than you may realize. Colors affect moods, feelings, and impressions of a space as well as the people in that space. To appeal to the most amount of buyers, you need to plan your color choices with this in mind. Pay attention to the interior and exterior colors …

How to Find Your Dream Neighborhood in Long Beach

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There is so much to take into consideration when you’re on the house hunt. One of the most important is your neighborhood. Remember, you are probably planning on being here for a long time to come, so choosing a neighborhood that compliments your personality is very important. From Bixby Knolls to Belmont Heights, Wrigley, and Rose Park (and all the …

income taxes

Real Estate Tax Deductions for 2018

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As a homeowner or soon-to-be homeowner, you can get some pretty sweet tax deductions from things related to your home. Some tend to change from year to year, like those for energy-efficient upgrades, while others are more stable, like being able to deduct mortgage interest. The tax bill that will be in force in the up and coming tax season, the …

winning offer

Steps of Buying a Home: Step 5 is Putting in a Winning Offer

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Putting in an offer on a house is one of the most important steps in the home buying process. At this stage, you should have been pre-approved for a loan, researched neighborhoods, created your wishlist, chosen your Realtor, and compared different houses on the market. You’ve found the perfect home and are ready to purchase. In order to beat out any …

Learn About Long Beach’s “8 by 28” Plan to Prepare for the 2028 Olympics

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While the LA Olympics are still a full decade away, Mayor Robert Garcia announced in February his 8 by 28 plan to get Long Beach ready for the world-class event. The plan includes capital improvements and has been approved by the Long Beach City Council. It’s going to be a very exciting time for the city as Long Beach is …

compare homes

Buying a Home: Step 4 is to Compare Homes

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Starting to compare homes is Step 4 of the home buying process. By now, you should have gotten pre-approved for a loan, looked at neighborhoods, created your wishlist, and chosen your Realtor. You know what you are looking for and what you can afford, but with so many choices, how do you know which house is the right one? These …