Bluff Park – Full of Charm and Vintage Personality

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The Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach is one of the city’s most charming upscale neighborhoods, with a touch of vintage flair.

It was designated as one of Long Beach’s Historic Districts in 1982, 37 years ago this summer.


Where is Bluff Park?

” Bluff Park” makes you think of that long, skinny park that runs along Ocean Boulevard overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond. It is from this park that the neighborhood gets its name. The boundaries of the neighborhood are marked by Ocean Boulevard to the south, Junipero Avenue on the west, a jagged line between 2nd Street and Broadway on the north, and Loma Avenue on the east. Surrounding neighborhoods include Belmont Heights, Bluff Heights, and Alamitos Beach.

What are the homes like?

Some of the homes were built as long ago as the early 1900s. The variety of architecture includes Colonial Revival, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Tudor, and Prairie Style.  Most are single-family homes, but there are some multi-family units as well as condos.


What is it like to live in Bluff Park?

Despite being in a big city, Bluff Park has the feel of a small town. The streets are wide and lined with many tall trees. It is a quiet area and neighbors are often seen outside walking dogs, playing with kids, and visiting with each other. There is also a very active neighborhood association dedicated to promoting the historic character of the neighborhood.

Points of Interest

Long Beach Sagely Monastery- a Buddhist Monastery that was once a Roman Catholic convent. Some traces of the Roman Catholic past are still present, by request of the monks, such as the large Mary On The Half-Shell sculpture and shrine on Ocean Boulevard.

The Long Beach Museum of Art

It is also located in Bluff Park at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Junipero. Nearby you can find old canons and the Lone Sailor Memorial statue is a tribute to Long Beach’s Naval history.

Famous House

Television fans may get a little extra excitement by discovering that Dexter and Rita’s house from the TV show, “Dexter” is located in this area.


The Park

Bluff Park itself is very easily accessible to residents in this area. There are several staircases that allow easy access to the beach and to a 3.1-mile long bike path that runs from Alamitos Bay to Shoreline Village.

If you would like to live in Bluff Park, we are here to help. Give us a call!

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