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Holding a Successful Yard Sale

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With warmer weather and longer days, this is the perfect time of year for a yard sale. It always feels great to get rid of things you no longer need. Sure, you could haul everything to a donation center. But with a little more effort, you can get rid of things and make some extra cash.

Preparation, planning, and flexibility are key to holding a successful yard sale.

Marketing: Post flyers in your neighborhood, set up a sign down the block directing traffic to your sale, and post information about your sale online. Facebook has many pages and groups for online sales, and the online site NextDoor also has a spot for information about sales.

Get a permit if required. Check to see if your city requires a permit to hold a yard sale. The city of Long Beach requires a permit and you can get more details and apply online. 

Go to the bank: Garage sales are usually cash-only operations and people may not have exact change. Make sure you have rolls of change and bills in various denominations so you can easily make change. Stock up on ones and fives especially.

Organize items & group them: Don’t make people sort through a jumble of clothes. Either hang them up or fold them neatly. Group books, household items, toys, etc. so that buyers can easily find what they’re looking for.

albumsPricing: Price things ahead of time. Place pricing stickers on the items and have a pricing list handy in case the stickers come off. Don’t simply try to come up with a price for everything on the spot.

Don’t get too caught up with haggling: Of course you don’t want to “give it away,” but remember to look at the big picture. Most of the items you’re selling are things you’d donate or throw out anyway. You want it gone, first and foremost, and the extra cash is a nice bonus. If an item is worth more to you than everyone else, you get to keep it — or give it away later for nothing.

Going out of business sale: Much of your activity will come in the first few hours and the “hot” items will get snapped up. But as the day or weekend wears on, you’ll also have stuff that doesn’t sell. To minimize your remaining items, mark them down or put them in a free pile as the sale winds down. It’s better than ending up keeping the stuff or giving it away for nothing.

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