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House Hunting for Pet Perks

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When searching the market for your next home purchase, there’s a whole spectrum of features that top the list of every buyer’s dream property. For some, it’s finding a prime location or neighborhood, for others architectural style or structural design take precedence. Those with a green thumb search for the perfect landscape to watch their garden grow, while the home chef seeks a fine tuned kitchen to let their foodie flair soar. For parents or parents to be, school districts might trump all of the above considerations. But when gauging the compatibility of a property for pet owners, what makes a house a home for your furry companions?

Dog and owner

Pets add a whole new dimension to finding the right home

Fido and Feline Friendly Cities

When beginning your search, finding a pet friendly city is a great way to zero in on your target housing market. City ordinances are either a gateway welcoming your pet to a new neighborhood or severely restricting their activities. Leash laws, pets per household ratios, species zoning for non-traditional pets like chickens, even noise restrictions for barking are all thing to consider when house hunting  with your pet. If you’re eyeing a property that falls within the jurisdiction of an HOA, a whole new set of bylaws related to pets may be added to the list. Additional perks to look for are cities with excellent walking access for outdoor adventures, dog parks and beaches for pooch play dates, and pet themed festivals to tap into your city’s pet parent community.

Dogs at the beach

Dog beaches are one of the many perks of pet friendly cities in Southern California

Outdoors on All Fours

Outdoor spaces are an obvious factor for dog owners searching the market. The larger and more active your dog, the more important yard space becomes when weighing the benefits of  your real estate options. But don’t count out your feline friends when shopping your outdoor area. “Catios”- sheltered open air areas for otherwise indoor cats are a growing design trend for pet centric backyards and can be easily converted from existing patios. No matter what species your companion is, safety is always a top priority. Make sure gates and fences are secure, crawlspaces are out of reach, and landscaping choices are non-toxic before settling in.

Dog playing in backyard

A pet friendly back yard balances function with fashion, with safety and play space as a top priority

Everyone Under One “Woof”

The biggest consideration for both you and your pet’s lifestyle will be the house space you share on a daily basis. Make sure your house’s interior is ready for everyday pet traffic- sturdy floors that can stand up to claws and toenails are a must. Just like people, pets  come with their own set of indoor essentials; make sure their collection of bowls, toys, litter boxes, and beds all have a place to live. Adequate cabinet space is always plus for storing food and any extra supplies. Some new houses are even designed to have entire wings devoted to your pets, making “pet penthouses” a new selling point on the ever growing  list of real estate pet perks.

Cat resting indoors

Shared spaces with your pet should keep comfort, durability, and practicality in mind for everyone

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