Long Beach lawn to garden classes

Long Beach Lawn to Garden Classes

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Considering a Lawn to Garden Project?

Take Advantage of Long Beach Lawn to Garden Classes

You may be aware of the city of Long Beach’s Lawn to Garden program, which offers homeowners a rebate of up to $3,500 for replacing their turf grass with drought-tolerant plantings.

But did you know the city offers a series of landscaping classes for free? I spent this past Saturday morning in a class taught by local landscape designer Barbara Paul, learning about choosing drought-tolerant plants. The class was interesting and provided detailed information on plants ranging from ground-cover and grasses, to trees.24341a

Long Beach Lawn to Garden

The landscaping classes are free, but you need reservations and they fill up quickly. There are sometimes cancellations so if the class you want to take is full, check back right before the class. Although you won’t be guaranteed a seat, you may even try showing up to see if they have any no shows.

Classes focus on plant selection, design, irrigation, matching the design to your house style and more. For a full schedule of classes and registration information visit the Long Beach Lawn to Garden site. 

In addition to a rebate of up to $3500, there are a number of reasons to utilize the Long Beach Lawn to Garden Program and replace your thirsy lawn with drought tolerant plants:

Save water

We live in a semi-arid region and our imported water supplies have been permanently reduced; we must use our remaining supplies more efficiently.

Save on the water bill

About half the water used at the average Long Beach home is used for landscape irrigation; beautiful L2G landscapes can reduce water use per square foot by 70% or more.

Save energy

Water-related energy use in California consumes about 20% of the state’s electricity.

For example, about half the potable water consumed in southern California is pumped
from hundreds of miles from the Sacramento region and the Colorado River.

Provide other important benefits

  • Improve the City’s water reliability
  • Reduce time and money needed to maintain grass lawns
  • Reduce the urban runoff into the Long Beach coastal marine habitat
  • Create habitat for terrific wildlife such as Hummingbirds and butterflies

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