A little bit about me...

Sheireen Etemadi is passionate about helping people find houses they can call home. Born in Houston, TX, she later moved to Orange County and then earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Cal Poly Humboldt. Sheireen brings a background of administrative support, corporate retail sales and marketing to her current role as a Realtor. 

Growing up, Sheireen saw her family struggle with living paycheck to paycheck, wishing they owned a property of their own and she decided she wanted to help others break free from the cycle of renting. She understands that owning a home helps build financial stability and security. 

Sheireen’s emphasis on customer service, her approachability, and her strong communication skills allow her to provide clients with guidance throughout the home buying process. When she’s not working, she enjoys tea parties, exploring botanical gardens, parks or any green spaces where she can immerse herself in the beauty of nature.