Smart Homes Keep Getting Smarter

*A Look At Some Highlights from CES*

Life at Home just got a lot Smarter

The annual  Consumer Electronics Show never fails to impress with the latest gadgets and this year was no different. Here are some of the most impressive home products introduced at the recent 2016 CES Show in Las Vegas.  These products will help turn your home into a smart home and streamline and simplify everyday life.

Digital Strom

Imagine a device that recognized your smile and automatically registered to brew you a cup of coffee? Well, the Digital Strom Connected-Home System can do just that! The system looks like lego blocks and uses camera recognition to personalize home settings depending on who walks into the room. Though not available in the U.S. yet, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Seven Dreamers Laundroid

A robot to fold your laundry has arrived! The process is slow, but simply throw your crumpled clothes in, go watch a movie and by the time you’re finished, your freshly folded clothes will await.

Check out the video here.

Philips ChefConnect Multicooker

This WI-FI controlled appliance makes cooking and eating well super easy. Simply choose a recipe, throw in the ingredients, and does all the baking/boiling/grilling/slow cooking for you. Nutrition information is also provided.

Fibaro Swipe

Simply wave your hands in front of what looks like a picture frame, and the Fibaro Swipe automatically performs household functions such as turning the faucet on or turning the lights off. It may sound unnecessary, but could easily come in handy if you’re cooking with meat and don’t want to spread bacteria onto household appliances, for example.

Halo and Halo+ Smoke Detectors

We all know how annoying it is when you’re cooking up an especially smoky dish and the loud smoke alarm goes off, disrupting your cooking flow and creating a false alarm panic. The Halo smoke detectors are smart enough to know the difference between smoke fire and smoke from burned food. The alarm also features a whole set of other impressive functions such as weather alerts and LED lighted carbon monoxide detectors.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

This fancy fridge comes with speakers and a 21.5-inch touch display on its door. From leaving notes for your family to ordering groceries, this fridge is almost TOO smart.

Netatmo Presence

First of all, this product is cool because unlike most of its competitors, the Netatmo does not require a subscription. The home security camera combines a camera with an LED floodlight to monitor outside of your home. It can tell the difference between an animal, a person, and a car with its 100-degree field of view and also sinks to your phone.

Samsung Smart Things Integration

Samsung’s 2016 smart-TV line lets you control over 200 Smart Things modules and sensors in your home, including Z-Wave and ZigBee devices. For example, you don’t have to get off the couch if the doorbell rings and you want to let the person in. You can also set the rooms temperature and locate your smart phone using the TV.

Sensorwake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

Hate waking up to the noise of your alarm? Would you rather wake up to the smell of fresh coffee or croissants? With this alternative alarm clock you can do exactly that!

Fridge Cam by Smarter

Ever been at the grocery store and not been able to remember if you need to buy more milk? The fridge cam is here to save you from this annoying hassle. Smarter also has a line of other nifty products such as the Smarter Detect, which lets you know if your dishwasher cycle is done or if you left your fridge open.

Stringify App

This free app for iOS and some Android phones strings together certain functions to perform in your home based on situations that go together. For example, “if it’s dark when I get home, turn on the light.” Very smart indeed. “And,” “If,” and “Or” are the key words the app recognizes to perform conditional functions.

Vivint Ping Home-Security Camera

This home security camera is the first to allow two way video calls with a one-touch call-out between family members. Perfect for keeping tabs on your kids while you’re away.

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