Hire The Right Team


Hiring a Real Estate Agent is NOT the time to find the “wrong person for a job”!  I’m taking this time to endorse Shannon and her team because I have had a unique vantage point. I have done business with her for well over a decade, and have been in the Real Estate business on various levels for over 18 years. Now, I’m a full time investor / landlord, and STILL a client of the Shannon Jones Team. For most of us, buying a home is the largest investment we will ever make. This is the biggest reason to find the right person. Therefore (as a full time investor) I recommend NOT working with your hairdresser, coworker, or some acquaintance just because they have a Real Estate license and do it on the side; I’d find the Agent that knows the most about the investment you are about to make. If you hire Shannon, you’ll find yourself calm in what can be a nerve racking experience. Shannon is experienced, professional & is honest. If you’re looking for this in an Agent, do yourself a favor!