Success Times Two


I found Shannon Jones and her team on Yelp nearly a year ago and chose them because of their awesome rating.   My husband and I had a small condo in downtown Long Beach that we purchased as newlyweds, but had since outgrown (after 3 kids).  We met with Shannon and her husband/partner Brad in late January 2013.  Shannon and Brad know the area housing market like the back of their freaking hands!  They were able to help us identify key areas to focus on based on our personal “must haves” and “nice to haves”.  Then, we looked at about 15 homes over the next six weeks–and get this, Shannon was finding homes for us to tour oftentimes a couple days BEFORE they were officially in the “for sale” listing system.  In a competitive housing market, it was great to beat the rush and get an early look before there were 5 other families bidding on it.  Anyway, after about six weeks of looking, Shannon tells me a new listing is hitting the market in two days and it matches my “dream house” wish list.  Man, was she was right–and the house was slightly under our max budget.  We made a quick offer (along with 3-4 other families).   I was worried that we’d lose the house in a bidding war, but Shannon and her team helped us through this process and, get this, Shannon is so well-connected in the industry, having her as my realtor actually helped our offer get chosen!  Other realtors know the Shannon Jones Team has their $#!+ together (excuse my French) and Shannon knows how to navigate the buying process in a thorough, but quick fashion (sellers love to have a quick escrow).  Now fast forward…at some point in the buying process, we hit a brickwall with some lending issues and I was worried we’d fall out of escrow.  Tada…where does Shannon and Brad hide their superhero capes?  They jumped in, made some phone calls to other lending professionals they work with, and they were able to save our deal when it had gone horribly off-track.  I don’t think a lot of other real estate agents have the expertise or connections to even attempt what Shannon actually did (and made it look like another day at the office).  Well, today, my husband and I and our three kids live in our dream home in Cypress.  I’m one happy lady.  Also… after we purchased our new home, we then used The Shannon Jones Team to sell our old condo in downtown Long Beach.  Same great service!!  This team knows how to market your home, help you get top dollar, and navigate the whole process (including any detours).  Speaking of detours, we ran into issues with selling our condo due to the homeowners association (HOA) being underfunded.  It took some hard work for Shannon to find a buyer who met the required bank qualifications, but ultimately, SUCCESS was soooo sweet!  Shannon and Brad saved the day, AGAIN!  So, after both buying and selling a property with The Shannon Jones Team, I can confidently recommend them to all my friends, family and fellow Yelpers, without any reservation.  They’ve earned an A+++  rating from our family.