14 Questions to ask your Realtor

Choosing the Realtor who will take care of your REAL ESTATE transactions in is a big decision. Before you decide who will represent you in the sale or purchase of your new home, consider the following questions…

1. Do you sell real estate full-time? At The Shannon Jones Team, our Realtors and administrative staff are all full-time professionals.

2. How long have you been selling real estate? Shannon Jones has been selling real estate for more than six years, and had a successful career in the financial services industry prior to that.

3. How many homes do you sell a year? And, how many have you sold in your career? The Shannon Jones Team sells an average of 50 homes per year – about one per week. (The average agent in California sells 6 houses per year.) Throughout our career, The Shannon Jones Team has helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes.

4. Where do you rank in your office?
The Shannon Jones Team has consistently been one of the top real estate groups in our office.

5. How do you rank in your area? The Shannon Jones Team has consistently been in the Top 10 real estate teams in the Long Beach/Lakewood/Signal Hill area for several years. We are in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide.

6. What is the average number of days you take to sell a home and how close to the list price do your listings sell for? This varies depending on area and price range. For 2013, our listings sold about two weeks faster than the average listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and our average sales price was about 103 percent of list price.

7. How strong is your name recognition and reputation in the marketplace? The Shannon Jones Team receives numerous calls from name recognition and reputation alone!

8. What percentage of your accepted contracts close on time? More than 90% of our accepted contracts close in a timely manner, meaning less inconvenience to you.

9. What is your marketing plan? The Shannon Jones Team has a comprehensive marketing plan that begins with professionally shot photos of your home. In addition to print marketing, each property is featured on numerous websites, and we email virtual flyers to thousands of area Realtors.  We’d be happy to review our marketing plan with you.

10. Would you provide us with a professional full-color flyer of our home? Yes, and if you need more we get them to you!

11. How many members are there on your team? Are you all full-time? The Shannon Jones Team has three full-time agents and two full-time support professionals (one licensed) available to help you with all your real estate needs.

12. What is the system you use to provide us with feedback or comments from prospective buyers or Realtors? The Shannon Jones Team regularly provides you with feedback verbally as well as a comprehensive weekly report that is emailed to you.

13. Will you give us your professional opinion on how to prepare our home for showings? The Shannon Jones Team is always honest. We will tell you what you NEED to hear!

14. Do you have a list of references that we may call? Absolutely. We’re happy to provide references, or you can browse the testimonials on our website. You can also check Zillow.com or Yelp.com.


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