Home Architectural Styles of Long Beach

Long Beach, CA is known for its diversity in many ways, right down to the diverse architectural styles that can be found throughout the city. From turn-of-the century historical homes to modern homes, Long Beach has architectural home styles for everyone.


Victorian Style Home – Long Beach, California

Long Beach Victorian homeThe Victorian style home reflects the technology of the era and borrows from a number of designs types from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne. Elaborately decorated, Victorian homes are elaborately adorned with fancy moldings, decorative spindles and vibrant paint colors.

Craftsman Bungalow Style Home – Long Beach, California

Craftsman bungalow in Long Beach CAOriginally Inspired by homes in India, the Craftsman Bungalow home design is centered around the living room, with all the other rooms arranged around it. Low-pitched roofs, wide eaves and exposed rafters are common in these homes.

Foursquare Style Home – Long Beach, California

foursquare houseA simple box house with deep overhangs and wide porches, the Foursquare Style home is also referred to as a Prairie Box. Commonly featuring tiled roofs, the design gets its name from the basic layout, which included four rooms on each floor of the house.

Cottage Style Home – Long Beach, California

Long Beach cottage homeA form of Tudor Revival, the Cottage Style Home features sloping, uneven roofs, prominent chimneys, steep gables, small dormers and small windows. The homes are very asymmetrical and often have oddly shaped rooms with slanted walls.

Mission Revival Style Home – Long Beach, California

mission revival homeA truly Californian style home, the Mission Revival homes have low, tiled roofs, plastered walls, balconies and arches. Other decoration such as towers, decorated roof overhangs and front porch arcades with a series of arches are also common in these houses.

Spanish Colonial Revival Style Home – Long Beach, California

spanishAn eclectic mix of styles combined to form the Spanish Colonial Revival Home , which is marked by arches, courtyards and wrought-iron window grates on otherwise plainly decorate homes. This house style often has a heavy red clay tile roof.

Tudor Revival Style Home – Long Beach, California

tudor revival long beach caA medieval feel permeates Tudor Revival homes, which often have huge chimneys and high-pitched roofs. Small windows and window panes are common in this style, as are exposed wood framing and prominent cross gables.

Neo-traditional Style Homes

Neo traditional homeAlso known as a ranch house, Neo-traditional homes were the gold standard in suburbs across America after World War II. The homes are usually one story and L-shaped, and are sometimes made of stucco and feature bay windows.

Streamline Moderne Style Homes

Streamline modPerhaps better known as the Art Deco home style, Streamline Moderne architecture is about curves, modernism and anti-traditionalism. Simple, clean shapes and geometric patterns are the hallmark of this style, and horizontal lines are often emphasized.

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