lemon front yard


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What’s in the Garden? Lemons are in the gardens all over Long Beach. Drive through any neighborhood, and you will see branches drooping to the ground because they are covered with bright yellow bursts of sunshine. Lemons are the world’s healthiest fruit. They originated in in Asia and have been cultivated in China and India for 2500 years. They were brought to Spain in the12 century.  Christopher Columbus brought the lemon to the Americas on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Lemons have been growing in Florida since the 16th century.Lemons are used for culinary and medicinal purposes throughout the …

fathers day food

Father’s Day BBQ

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DIY Backyard Party Father’s Day is June 21st and the perfect day to entertain in the backyard. Even if you do not have an “outdoor kitchen,” moving the party outdoors is easier than you think. Create a functional and fun space for family friends with these five simple ideas. Dividers Create designated spaces. Rugs and easily define space and create natural boundaries. Put a rug under a large farm table or under a patio table to create the dining room. Decorate the table with bright tablecloths, cloth napkins, fresh flowers, and votive candles. A second rug can be used to …

radish in bowls

Radishes in the Garden

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Radishes  – A Super Food! When you think of super foods you automatically think blueberries, salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, and almonds, but a radish? Yes, radishes indeed act as a diuretic, cleanse the kidneys and liver, curve inflammation, and reduce toxins in the body. Not to mention, a radish has only one calorie. A radish is an edible root vegetable domesticated in Europe in Pre-Roman times. They are a hardy mild-season vegetable. Radishes can produce many crops each season due to the rapid days to maturity. Therefore, they are quick and easy to grow in any garden.   Known in some parts of …