yard refresh

Refreshing Your Yard

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While Southern California doesn’t experience severe winters, this is a great time of year for refreshing y our yard. With generally mild weather, February and March make for a great time to make some changes. Give yourself an afternoon for these little yard pick-me-ups, and enjoy well into the summer. The added benefit of the curb appeal is just icing on the cake. Give the Entry Some Love The front entrance is one of the first things guest see. It’s also one of the easiest things to brighten up, needing little more than some color, a personal touch, and maybe a …

staging furniture

Staging Your Home On Your Own

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When it’s time to sell your home, the question of how to present or “stage” the rooms is an important one. Staging helps sell homes. Yet most people live with their personality in every room. Inherited furniture, favorite artworks, and a lifetime of collected items make the space their own. While decluttering is one of the first things a Realtor may suggest you do before putting your home on the market, knowing what to do beyond that may be more of a challenge. Here’s a few best practices for staging your home using your own belongings: Avoid Big Prints Prints …

The Sweet Smell of A Successful Home Sale

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Last year, I was called out to a home by a would-be Long Beach home seller who warned me ahead of time: “This home stinks.” He was right. His mom, who had recently passed away, and his sister, who had been caring for her, had had dozens of cats who’d had the run of the place and the odor was overwhelming. You may be thinking you wouldn’t have wanted to walk into that home. And neither would buyers looking for a Long Beach home for sale! I like cats (and have several) and the smell almost knocked me over! But …