message to clients

A Message To Our Clients

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At The Shannon Jones Team, serving our clients and the community is our highest priority.  During this time of global and economic uncertainty and recent orders from the city and state, we want to share how we will be doing that. We are here for our clients: There are a lot of online and social groups offering services and help.  …

Issues Selling A Home

5 “Emergencies” That Are Actually Normal When Selling Your Home

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If there’s a mantra every first-time seller should memorize, it’s this: Expect the unexpected. While your realtor is going to educate you about the process of selling your home and share their thoughts about how the sale could go based on what’s going on in your market right now, no two sales are exactly alike. That’s because there is any …

Using Your Tax Refund As A Down Payment

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If you’re looking to buy a home in 2020, have you thought about putting your tax refund toward a down payment? Homeownership may be one step closer than you think if you spend your dollars wisely this year. Based on data released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Americans can expect an estimated average refund of $2,962 when filing their taxes this year. The map below shows the …

paint colors that sell

Paint Colors That Sell – And Ones That Don’t

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When planning to sell your home, paint colors play a bigger part than you may realize. Colors affect moods, feelings, and impressions of a space as well as the people in that space. To appeal to the most amount of buyers, you need to plan your color choices with this in mind. Pay attention to the interior and exterior colors …

Homebuyers’ Most Wanted Features

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If you’re considering selling your home, you want to make sure it will stand out from the other options buyers have,  and knowing what homebuyers most wanted features are will help you do that. While each homebuyer is different and will be searching for different qualities in a new home, there are a few features that have broad appeal for many …

selling a home

How Long Should It Take To Sell Your Home?

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Currently, we’re in a seller’s market with extremely low inventory and as a result, some people expect that their homes will sell in a day or two – and when that does happen, they’re super excited. But should selling your home that quickly be the goal? I heard an agent the other day talking about how excited he was because …


Moving Up Is Now More Affordable

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If moving up to a larger home or into a different area that better suits your family’s needs is on the horizon for you, there’s good news: Moving up is more affordable than it’s been in the last 40 years, according to a recent study. Recently, Trulia researched home affordability from 1975 through 2016 and found that “Nationally, homes are …


Housing Market Expected To “Spring Forward” in 2018

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Just like our clocks this weekend in the majority of the country, the housing market will soon “spring forward!” Just like the tension in a compressed spring, the lack of inventory available for sale in the market right now is what is holding back the market. Many potential sellers believe that waiting until Spring is in their best interest, and traditionally they would have been …

bidding wars

How Long Will Bidding Wars Continue?

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For quite some time, home buyers have been facing bidding wars on a very regular basis. Many home buyers and potential sellers are wondering how long the bidding wars are expected to last. Just like with any product or service, the law of supply and demand impacts home prices. Any time that there is less supply than the market demands, …


Higher Home Prices, Interest Rates Ahead in 2018

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Los Angeles and Orange County home owners planning to sell in 2018 will be pleased to find that home prices are expected to continue rising this year For home buyers, the expected price increases combined with historically low inventory and an expected rise in interest rates is translating into a sense of urgency — meaning this is a really great time …