Apps You Should be Using for Your Home

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Living in today’s digital age, everyone knows that “there’s an app for everything!” Well, it should come as no surprise that that includes your home as well. There are dozens of apps out there to assist you with your home’s organization, maintenance, cleaning, and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start downloading!   Organization Shortly …

preventing burglaries

Preventing Burglaries

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After Christmas, many people put out the boxes their gifts came in, raising a red flag for burglars that there’s a new TV, computer or other new, expensive item in the home. That’s just one example of “what not to do” if you’re trying to prevent burglaries. Nationally, a burglary is committed every 20 seconds, with nearly 1.6 million such …

Smart Homes Keep Getting Smarter

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*A Look At Some Highlights from CES* Life at Home just got a lot Smarter The annual  Consumer Electronics Show never fails to impress with the latest gadgets and this year was no different. Here are some of the most impressive home products introduced at the recent 2016 CES Show in Las Vegas.  These products will help turn your home …

Long Beach Homes For Sale - The Future of Smart Homes -

The Future of Smart Homes

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  The Future of Smart Homes The concept of the “house of the future” has been in our culture since the 1950s yet the future of smart homes is already here in some ways, just  not necessarily the way we envisioned it. Popular Mechanics magazine featured illustrations of “Jetsonesque” homes that sparked the imaginations of generations for over half a century.  Westinghouse advertised “the Total …