Facts and Fiction about Flood Insurance

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The world of insurance is overwhelming. You know that you have to have auto insurance to drive a car and homeowners insurance to secure a home loan. Both health and life insurance are helpful. However, how many times do you ask, “Do I need flood insurance?”   Let’s start with the first fact homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage …

disaster preparedness

Disaster Preparedness For You And Your Home

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Although it’s always a good idea to be ready for a natural disaster or emergency, the recent tragedies occurring across the country highlight how important disaster preparedness really is. You can’t anticipate the level of destruction that seismic activity, fire or severe weather can bring. But creating a plan to minimize damage to your property and keep your family safe in the …

Trending Now: Prepping Homes for Doomsday

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Fearful Citizens are Preparing for the Worst Here’s what their Homes Look Like The apocalypse has become big business. And it’s getting bigger every day In the ’50s, homeowners fearing Communist attacks built bunkers in their backyards and basements, hung up a few “God Bless Our Bomb Shelter” signs and called it a Cold War. But today, Americans en masse are again preparing …