Dealing With Common Home Emergencies

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When we think of emergencies, the house isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, a house is full of potential disasters that may not end in bodily harm, but certainly mean property damage. Being able to respond during these emergencies can make all the difference. With some quick solutions, these common emergencies can be solved at home. (Or at least allow you to hang on until you can get professional help!) Gas Leaks The smell of gas in the house signals a clear and present danger for most people. First and foremost: if you happen on this smell, …

fall home repairs

Fall Home Repairs To Watch For

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Homeownership is a year-round job just as much as a joy, and for many of us, fall home repairs are the ones that need to get in before the weather turns nasty. Many of these repairs to watch for can become worse with the progression of winter conditions, and while here in Southern California we don’t experience the snowstorms and ice that wreck our fellow states, we do have our fair share of things that can damage a house between winter and spring. Stucco Cracks The first of our fall home repairs is pretty easy for the do-it-yourself type. Stucco …


Buying After Foreclosure

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Foreclosure is an awkward word in the world of homeowners. It represents a lot of disappointment and unhappiness with the entire process, which normally is a great source of pride and joy. The last great recession left a lot of families in this position. Despite many having recovered their credit, there’s a notable reluctance to go back into the process of buying a home.  Getting comfortable with the idea of a mortgage and homeownership is now a challenge for both a cautious buyer and their Realtor to tackle together. Once Foreclosed, Twice Shy Homeowners who have lost their homes to …


Homeownership Encourages Community Engagement

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  Congratulations! You’re looking to buy a home soon, or have already committed to homeownership. How do you like the neighborhood you’re in? How are the schools? Are you excited for the events in the area? Are the parks nearby in good condition and well cared for?  Do the other homes in the blocks you like or live in take pride in their homes and community as well? Are there any plans for improvement or enrichment in the future?


Homeownership Still Part of American Dream

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Where did the term “American Dream” come from? The American Dream term was first coined by Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. Since then, Americans continue to search for their version of an existence defined by life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, the history the American Dream ideology actually started when the first settlers arrived in America. These settlers were called the Puritan Fathers, the Quakers, and the Huguenots. For them, moving to America signified the chance for religious freedom and a place they could feel at home. The twentieth century version of the American Dream meant that …