Homeownership Encourages Community Engagement

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Congratulations! You’re looking to buy a home soon, or have already committed to homeownership. How do you like the neighborhood you’re in? How are the schools? Are you excited for the events in the area? Are the parks nearby in good condition and well cared for?  Do the other homes in the blocks you like or live in take pride in their homes and community as well? Are there any plans for improvement or enrichment in the future?

Homeownership Means Caringcommunitymatters

Chances are if you’re already a homeowner or looking to move into a particular community, you’re asking these questions. Homeownership marks an investment in more than just a home, but in the community surrounding it as well. The value of the property can be effected by school districts, municipal funding, crime rates, shopping, and everything in between. Since you live or want to live in a neighborhood, this all strongly effects your  feelings on how that community functions. For people who are buying a home within 5 years, 76% feel a deeper sense of community, and 73% of current home owners feel the same.

Comparatively, renters and others that are not interested in buying a home within 5 years also care about the community, but not to the extent that their buying counterparts do. That extra bit of caring that homeownership brings fosters deeper commitment to the community.

Look For Ways To Engage

The community you want or have likely has programs and activities in place to improve the quality of life in the area, whether that be through school events, holidays, public service to organizations and government, or clubs. Engaging in these can give you a solid way to impact your neighborhood for the better, showing your neighbors and community that you care. Take pride and take care of your home, and it will serve as a positive reflection of a place that you want to live in. Shop your local businesses, encouraging people to create jobs and industry around the corner instead of down the freeway.

Homeownership is a challenge and a delight, and offers multiple chances to have an impact on your local community. For those of you who are looking to be homeowners, check out our buyer’s guide for advice and guidance so that you can put that interest in where you live to good use.

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