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Spring Shaping Up to Be a Strong Seller’s Market

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Real Estate Market Road Signs Point to A Seller’s Market Homes sales were strong in Long Beach in January, with the median price of a single family home at $580,000, up 12.3% from January 2016. Total closed sides of single family homes in Long Beach were at 257 for the month, down 9.5% from January 2016. However, this may be in part a reflection of the extremely low inventory in the area. As of January 2017, there was just a 1.7 month supply of homes for sale, down 26.1% from the previous January. The low inventory combined with high demand …

how sellers choose their buyers

The Truth About How Sellers Choose Their Buyers

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How to Win Over the Seller of your Dream Home You may be surprised to find out how sellers choose their buyers Navigating a seller’s market can be frustrating as a buyer, but if you play your cards right and have a knowledgeable Realtor on your side, you can still snag your dream home. Once you find your dream home, there may be other buyers who have also decided it’s their dream home. At this point, it’s up to the seller to choose a new owner of their home. It may surprise you, but seller’s tend to choose their buyers …

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Seasonality in Real Estate: How Weather and the Time of Year Affect Housing

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Thinking of buying or selling? Pay attention to the weather and time of year first. Understanding how weather and the time of year affect housing will help you make your best decision Weather and the time of year have a big impact on housing activity, and in every housing market there are times of the year when fewer homes sell. For most, that time of year coincides with the winter months, and in much of the U.S., that’s the case right now. But no matter where you live, it’s important to know how seasonality affects the housing market. So let’s look …

multiple offers

Multiple Offers

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A Seller’s Guide to Multiple Offers We’re currently in a “seller’s market” in Southern California, meaning there is more demand than there is supply. As a result, more sellers are now finding themselves in the position of being able to attract multiple offers. In California, sellers can issue multiple counter offers, negotiating with more than one buyer at a time. That allows the seller to How does a seller go about attracting multiple offers and what should they do when they receive them? The best way to generate multiple offers is to choose a competitive pricing strategy. That doesn’t necessarily …

Long Beach housing inventory

We Need You(r House)!

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Housing Inventory Low – The housing inventory in Long Beach CA and surrounding areas is extremely low right now, making this a strong seller’s market and an ideal time to place a home on the market. Though the real estate market has improved, the one thing holding it back from a full recovery is a robust supply of homes for sale. Continued low interest rates have helped to increase demand dramatically, yet inventory has continued to decline, particularly at entry level price ranges. Take a look, for example at the difference in inventory of Long Beach homes for sale when you …