3 Benefits to Buying Your Dream Home This Year

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Outside of a strong economy, low unemployment, and higher wages, there are three more great reasons why you may want to consider buying your dream home this year instead of waiting.  1. Buying a home is a great investment Several reports indicate that real estate is a good investment, topping other options such as gold, stocks, bonds, and savings. Why? …

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5 Ways to Reduce Home Buying Stress

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Buying a home can cause more than a little stress. It’s a huge investment for most people. There’re lots of legally binding documents to dive into. Your finances are being scrutinized and squeezed. And when everything’s said and done, there’s no guarantee that your offer will be the one that’s accepted. Some of these things are simply out of your …

Now's the Time to Keep Up with the Joneses

Now’s the Time to Keep Up with the Joneses

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No matter how much you love your house, there’re always moments of uncertainty about whether you and your property are still on the same page when it comes to wants, needs, and dreams. Does your current house fit your current (or aspired to) lifestyle? Is there enough room for your current family or any additional members you might be planning? Does …

Waterfront Homes

Dream Worthy Waterfront Homes

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Who doesn’t dream of spending their summers in a waterfront home? For some, it’s a picturesque harbor home complete with a boat slip and evening cruises through the neighborhood. For others only a long stretch of white sand beach will do, and make sure there’s a good view of an island or two, thank you very much. Some even fantasize …

My Dream Home: A Love Story

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Falling in Love with a Home It turns out falling in love with a home is much like falling in love with a person. The relationship moves in stages. There are ups and downs and sometimes you have to compromise, but true love lasts forever. Daina Grover, a Rose Park South homeowner, shares her love story here. The Home Before …

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Don’t Wait to Buy Your Dream Home

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Are you waiting to buy your dream home? Here’s why you shouldn’t.   As a seller, you will be most concerned about ‘short term price’ – where home values are headed over the next six months. As either a first-time or repeat buyer, you must not be concerned only about price but also about the ‘long term cost’ of the …