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Naples: California’s Little Italy on the Bay

The perfect place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures

Naples is one of the most beautiful coastal neighborhoods of Long Beach, California. Sailboats and Duffy boats line the picturesque canals that divide Naples Island, gondoliers can be seen paddling passengers along the waterways, and gorgeous waterfront homes make for a truly resort-like atmosphere. The neighborhood itself is tucked away in a quiet area, but offers easy access to Long Beach shops, restaurants, and nightlife.

Originally built to replicate a village in Italy, most of the streets have Italian names, and a charming three tiered fountain sits at the center. The result is a serene, beachfront community that is rich with history. As you stroll along the enchanting canal-lined walkways, you may just feel like you’ve been transported to the coast of Italy!

Naples is the perfect place for a romantic date but can also easily keep the whole family entertained for the day. This neighborhood is definitely worth becoming familiar with for both tourists and Long Beach locals alike. Whether you are thinking about moving to Naples or just want to explore the area, this guide will help get you started!

Naples California

Where is Naples?

Located between Belmont Shore and the Long Beach Marina are the lovely islands that make up Naples. The neighborhood consists of three islands along Alamitos Bay, which are divided by enticing canals that lead to the open bay.

Naples, California

History of Naples

Though Naples is now a highly sought after place to live, it once took a lot of convincing to get people to move to the islands. In 1903, A.M. Parson and his son began plotting a path to build Naples into a resort village reminiscent of an Italian village. However, the area was considered a swampland, known for flooding, and was therefore difficult to build on.

In an effort to showcase the beauty of the islands,  Naples was one of the stops on the Triangle Trolley Trip excursion that began in Los Angeles. Passengers were transported by the Pacific Electric Red Trolley Cars to this small community of romantic canals. Eventually, enough people became mesmerized by the area and started investing in the land, despite the fact that it was considered a risky investment. At that time, people may have paid $900 bucks for land that’s now worth millions.

Naples California

Naples, CA in 1919 before it was built up. Photo courtesy of

What to do in Naples

Go Boating

If you want to truly experience Naples, you may want to hit the water. There are lots of options. Gondola Getaway offers gondola cruises. Duffy boat rentals are another option. If you prefer something more athletic, rent a kayak, stand up paddle board, or a hydro bike! You can rent kayaks for just $10.00 an hour at Naples gondola


Hit the Beach

Mother’s Beach at Marine Park offers plenty to do for the whole family. There’s a playground, beach volleyball courts, and a lovely area for picnicking!

Naples California

Visit La Bella Fontana di Napoli

This is the small park where the fountain sits. There are benches to sit on but you may want to pack a blanket in case they fill up. The park is a great place to meet up with a friend and enjoy a picnic.

Naples California

Enjoy the Views from Overlook Park

Also known as Naples Plaza, this park on the bay is another beautiful place to enjoy a picnic.

Naples California


While you’re in Naples, you may as well pretend you’re in Italy and enjoy some true Italian cuisine at Michael’s on Naples Ristorante or Naples Pizzeria. If you’re in the mood for barbeque, though, head to Naples Rib Company. For many more dining options, 2nd Street in Belmont Shores is just a short stroll away.

Photo: Michael's on Naples Ristorante/Facebook

Photo: Michael’s on Naples Ristorante/Facebook

Indulge in Happy Hour

Nico’s Restaurant & Bar serves up a wonderful happy hour 7 days a week . Enjoy a martini, cocktail, or glass of wine with specials on their bar food menu every day from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30.

Photo: Nico's Restaurant & Bar/Facebook

Photo: Nico’s Restaurant & Bar/Facebook

Living in Naples

If you move to Naples, plan on enjoying many sunsets from your front porch or patio. Many homes in Naples are situated right along the canals and offer superb views and relaxation. Some homes also have easy access to a boat dock, so cruises along the beautiful Long Beach shore will likely become a regular treat. The luxurious lifestyle these homes provide make real estate in this area a hot commodity. Uniquely situated in a peaceful community, but centrally located near plenty of shopping, dining, and nightlife, the Naples setting is ideal!

Naples, California

Homes in Naples

Homes in Naples range from modest beach cottages to luxurious waterfront mansions. The typical lot in Naples is comparable to that in other beach communities, typically less than 3,000 square feet, so many of homeowners utilize their front yards as outdoor living and entertaining area, making for a friendly community to take a walk and say “hello” to your neighbors.

Naples homes

Naples homes

Naples homes

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