The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

The Peninsula – A Long Beach Hidden Treasure

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The Peninsula

While some may have heard of it, and have possibly even been there, many do not know much about this beautiful area. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on one of Long Beach’s best kept secrets.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

What is the Peninsula?

The Peninsula is truly one of Long Beach’s hidden treasures. This small neighborhood features some of the best beachfront and waterfront properties in Long Beach, without the traffic and busyness of other beach neighborhoods. It has the access to both the ocean and the bay, with great locations for paddleboarding, kitesurfing, fishing, and many other beach activites.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

Where is The Peninsula?

This mile-long stretch of land is at the southern most part of Long Beach and extends off of Belmont Shore. It sits between the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Alamitos Bay on the other. The neighborhood of Naples is across the Bay to the  north while the city of Seal Beach is to the east across the Alamitos Bay Landing channel and the San Gabriel River.


The Peninsula, Long Beach, CAWhat makes the Peninsula special?

The Peninsula features the best of both worlds when it comes to waterfront living. The ocean to the south is a favorite spot for local kitesurfers and windsurfers due to the low waves caused by the breakwater, and the bay on the northern side is a perfect spot for kayaking and stand up paddleboarding with its calm, protected waters. The rock jetty at the southernmost end of the Peninsula that runs along the Alamitos Bay Landing channel is a very popular spot for fishing and boat-watching as people sail in and out of the harbor to the ocean. There is also a small park located here as well as the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA


The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

Another small marina is located about halfway down the Peninsula which splits the Bayside beach in half. There is a nice walkway running the entire length of the Bayside beaches (and behind the marina) as well as a wooden boardwalk that runs along the Oceanside of the Peninsula. These two walkways provide the perfect place to stroll along the shores and admire the beautiful homes this area has.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA


Though this area is mostly residential, a small handful of stores and cafes are situated along 62nd Place and cater to the local neighbors and visiting beach-goers.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

Why live on the Peninsula?

The Peninsula has some of the most impressive beachfront property in the city, with the option of bay-front and ocean-front views. However because the Peninsula is not as well known as some of the other local beach areas and the fact that there is no through traffic, the neighborhood is generally quiet and peaceful.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

There is a true sense of community among the residents and neighbors are oftentimes very close friends. There is even a neighborhood book swap, where residents leave a small collection of books outside their homes for fellow neighbors and passerby’s to trade in exchange for another book.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

The close proximity to Second Street in Belmont Shore provides residents with easy access to dozens of shops, restaurants, and more. Yet the lack of through traffic and being practically surrounded by water keeps the area quiet and secluded. And with the dozens of water sports and outdoor activities readily available, its hard to imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else. This neighborhood truly has all of the charm of a small beach town while still having all of the convenience of big city life.

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA

The Peninsula, Long Beach, CA



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