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Perfect House, Wrong Neighborhood?

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The time for your house hunt has come. You’ve decided on a city, have a short list of things you’d like to have in your future home, and a few requests in terms of neighborhoods to check out with your buyer’s agent. You sit down to look online at properties that are available. There it is: the house you’re looking for. It’s charming, old but well maintained. There’s a nice front yard, great patio space in the back, and it’s on a quiet street. The only problem is it’s not necessarily in the “best” neighborhood. You wouldn’t have even considered …

house hunting

It’s OK to Snoop When You’re House Hunting

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Ah, house hunting. It may technically be shopping, but it can feel more like breaking and entering. Even though you know the seller wants you there, does anyone really want you traipsing through their bedroom? Or looking through their closet? Or digging around in their basement? Awwwwkward.But here’s something that should feel weirder: buying a home without knowing absolutely everything you can about it. The only way to avoid the second awkwardness is to face the first head on. When you’re house hunting, don’t think of poking around in someone else’s home as nosiness. It’s a smart, must-do investigation. Here …

Long Beach community

Community Service & Involvement in Long Beach

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In neighborhoods across the US, a need for community involvement is cropping up from all generations, but it differs according to generation. While the older generations are feeling a keen sense of loss of community of their cities, the younger are feeling a driving need to become more invested in both involvement and community service. But where do we get started? Within our own neighborhoods in Long Beach, there’s many opportunities to be a part of the local fabric. Long Beach has a great sense of its identity from area to area, and an immense interest in its continual improvement. For …

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Interior Design Trends On Their Way Out

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Every year, we see shift in decorating trends. While we find ourselves discussing these new interior design trends regularly, it’s easy to forget which old ones it’s time to retire. For homeowners, changing a room can be a substantial boon if they’re thinking of selling their home in the near future. The visual appeal of rooms can greatly boost buyers’ interest. Even small changes in fixtures and finishes may greatly change the home’s appeal. If you’re thinking of making changes this year, here’s what’s not recommended for 2017: All White and Grey Rooms While the idea of living in completely monochrome rooms makes for …

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Buying a Home in 2017? 10 Things to Do Now

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For many people, it feels like buying a home is a difficult task, something that will never happen. Yet with planning, research, budgeting and work, you can make buying a home a reality. There is no time like the present to start moving towards the goal of buying a home. Procrastination is the “would be” home buyers’ worst enemy and can become a major obstacle if you’re not careful. Timing is everything when you’re buying a home. There are deadlines and inspections that must be met and there is an expiration date for everything. If you are looking to buy a …

rancho los cerritos

Rancho Los Cerritos and Its New Cottage

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The end of 2016 saw a lot of beginnings and endings in Long Beach, with the prospect of a new development at Rancho Los Cerritos among them. Funded by a state matching grant, the historical rancho has submitted a proposal and been approved for an expansion of the property. The expansion will be in the form of a new 1930s style cottage to house some of their administrative needs and open more of the original building to display. While designs for the cottage have yet to be released and additional fundraising will be necessary to complete the project, the groundbreaking …

staging furniture

Staging Your Home On Your Own

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When it’s time to sell your home, the question of how to present or “stage” the rooms is an important one. Staging helps sell homes. Yet most people live with their personality in every room. Inherited furniture, favorite artworks, and a lifetime of collected items make the space their own. While decluttering is one of the first things a Realtor may suggest you do before putting your home on the market, knowing what to do beyond that may be more of a challenge. Here’s a few best practices for staging your home using your own belongings: Avoid Big Prints Prints …

education in Long Beach

Higher Education in Long Beach

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Higher education after K-12 isn’t just an afterthought in Long Beach, but an entire industry and lifestyle that has shaped the city in many ways. With two significant local programs and multiple decades of learning across the institutions, your next vocation is just a classroom away. California State University, Long Beach The largest and most well known of Long Beach’s higher education institutions is California State University, Long Beach. Accounting for a significant amount of the property and commerce on the northeast east side of the city, its landmark pyramid means that CSULB is easily seen from afar. CSULB is not only …

preventing burglaries

Preventing Burglaries

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After Christmas, many people put out the boxes their gifts came in, raising a red flag for burglars that there’s a new TV, computer or other new, expensive item in the home. That’s just one example of “what not to do” if you’re trying to prevent burglaries. Nationally, a burglary is committed every 20 seconds, with nearly 1.6 million such crimes nationwide annually, according to the FBI’s 2015 Crime in the United Statesreport. That’s down 7.8 percent from 2014. Total property crime, which includes arson, larceny theft, and motor vehicle theft, reached nearly 8 million instances in 2015, down 2.6 …

new year

Getting Organized For the New Year

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2017 is here whether we were ready for it or not, yet don’t despair if you didn’t get as organized as you’d planned. It’s not too late to get organized for 2017. Don’t Procrastinate on Cleaning It’s a temptation to put off your to-dos and home maintenance . Take 2017 by storm by starting out with a tidy home.  If you think you might buy or sell a home in 2017, being ready to move or show your home will make the transition simpler, and the sale much easier to prepare for. Ways To Start: Keep the ‘hot spots’ in …