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Best Summer Projects For Your Yard

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Affordable and Easy Projects for Your Yard

Top 5 practical, yet stylish ideas

Summer in California is the perfect time to enjoy time outdoors at home. If your yard could use a little boost, check out these simple projects to help make this your best summer yet.

Let There Be Light!

Not only does outdoor lighting add a lovely summer ambiance, but it’s also a bonus safety feature for any home. Install landscape lighting along your front walkway and add decorative lighting fixtures to your backyard and patio. Check out the eco-friendly options here.


Add a Simple Deck

A deck provides the perfect outdoor eating and gathering space. If your home didn’t come with one when you bought it, you can build your own relatively easily. Just follow this simple guide.


Build a Fire Pit

There’s no better way to enjoy summer evenings than by roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire. DIY fire pits have come a long way since the days of stone rings though. Here’s a guide for building an attractive stone fire pit with step-by-step instructions.


Grow Something Healthy

Unless you’re a seasoned gardener, take the simple route and build your own raised garden bed. It’s the perfect way to set aside a small section of your yard for a garden with pest protection, good drainage, and easy access to crops. Here’s how to build your own in one weekend.


Make your Yard Drought Tolerant

If you live in California and haven’t jumped on the drought tolerant garden design bandwagon, it’s time. While it may seem daunting, there are actually plenty of ways to have a beautiful yard without wasting our precious water supply.


Here’s to a wonderful summer and a beautiful yard!

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