From Lawn to Garden: Transform your Yard

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How To Transform Your Lawn to A Garden in California A Drought Doesn’t Mean your Garden has to be an Eyesore Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to get your lawn garden ready. Plants are in full supply and the weather is prime for getting in your yard work. Furthermore, an attractive yard boosts curb appeal, which can help your …

How to Create Privacy When it Feels Like You Don’t Have Any

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Pretty and Private: How to create privacy at home without sacrificing on appearance It’s not uncommon to live in close proximity to neighbors. Maybe you love your neighbors, maybe you don’t. Either way, sometimes it’s nice to just have a little privacy. If you practically share a balcony with your neighbor or feel as if your neighbors are watching your every …

bunch of peaches


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What’s in the Garden? Peaches are the perfect summer fruit. They are sweet, juicy, tangy, and every bite brings to mind wonderful summer memories… This stone fruit is a member of the rose family and is a cousin to cherries, apricots, plums and even almonds. Blush Colored Gems at Long Beach Farmers Markets Walk through any Long Beach Farmers’ Market …

Radishes in the Garden

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Radishes  – A Super Food! When you think of super foods you automatically think blueberries, salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, and almonds, but a radish? Yes, radishes indeed act as a diuretic, cleanse the kidneys and liver, curve inflammation, and reduce toxins in the body. Not to mention, a radish has only one calorie. A radish is an edible root …

Grow Your Own Vegetables

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There Are Lots of Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetables Cultivating a back yard vegetable garden is a great spring and summer project. There are many reasons the USDA encourages home gardens and many reasons why 43 million American households (including the White House!) are now growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Price One of the most obvious reasons …

longbeach lawntogarden

Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Turf Replacement Program

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Now that Earth Day has come and gone, it’s time to put those environmental values into practice! If you own a home in Long Beach and are looking to go green, save some green, or BOTH, check out the City of Long Beach’s Lawn-to-Garden program! You could receive a rebate of up to $3,000 just for turning your water-guzzling lawn into a beautiful variety of semi-arid plants and flowers!