Making the Best of Long Beach June Gloom

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Living in a place like Long Beach and surrounding Southern California cities, it’s not hard to get spoiled by the nice warm sunny weather and clear blue skies. We don’t even mind too much when the Santa Ana winds kick  because “at least the sun is still shining!”

By the time May rolls around, we are thinking “hooray for spring” but then it seems like spring never arrives. We made it through the May Gray of 2018, only to be greeted by June Gloom. It can be frustrating to have gloomy skies during what’s supposed to be the beginning of summer, but it’s just an act of nature. May Gray and June Gloom happen every year, and that’s not going to change, so we may as well make the best of it.

What is June Gloom?

So what causes this gloomy weather to occur every year in the first place? Basically, the air is warming up starting in May, but the water in the Pacific ocean is still very cold which causes condensation. Each night a thin layer of clouds form over the ocean and then those clouds creep in over the land at night. We can also thank Catalina Island for having a hand in June Gloom. Catalina will redirect upper-level northwesterly air flow onto our coastline—something meteorologists call the Catalina Eddy.

 gardening during June gloom

Great for Gardening

Although June Gloom isn’t ideal beach weather, it is perfect for planting a great garden to enjoy throughout the summer. Cooler temperatures are much more comfortable for spending hours outside tending to your garden. Also, seeds that are planted now will produce a crop of delicious fruits and vegetables in the late summer or early fall. Tomatoes, eggplant, basil, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, and watermelons can all be planted now to be enjoyed in August and September. Take advantage of these mild temperatures and create a bountiful garden this year.

working out in Long Beach

Perfect Outdoor Exercise Weather

If you enjoy working out outdoors rather than in a gym, these are the months for you. It’s great weather for a run, long walk, or full body workout by the beach. Just head over to Ocean Blvd. and do a few sets of stairs by the beach—that alone is a great workout! Free yoga on the Bluff is delightful this time of year, and you won’t be melting during your downward facing dog, either. It’s always better to work up a sweat because you have been working out rather than just because it’s so hot outside.  

hot Long Beach summer

Remember This in August

It’s funny how easily we forget just how hot it has been getting during late summer and early fall lately. Summers have been getting hotter and hotter over the years, and this year is predicted to be no different. Enjoy these mild temperatures now because before you know it we are going to be living in the upper 80’s and 90’s for months on end, longing for the cloud cover and 60 and 70-degree temps of June.

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