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What To Do After Closing Escrow

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You’ve made it. You found the perfect home, made an offer, got it accepted and navigated through the inspections and mountains of paperwork. You’ve signed more documents than you knew was possible, and now you have keys to the home. Closing escrow was the finish line, right?

No,  actually there are some things you really should do right away — before you start shopping for furniture or drawing up plans for renovations. There are some other important tasks to cross off your list before you get to the fun stuff.

closing escrowChange the locks:  A lot of people came in possession of your keys during the home sale process, whether it was on the market for a year or a day. Protect yourself by changing all the locks, just in case a set of keys fell into the wrong hands.

Make copies: It’s good to have copies of all your closing documents, if only for reference. But in the worst case, you’ll be thankful you have your own copies if something goes wrong. (If you bought your home through The Shannon Jones Team, we’ll provide you with a flash drive with all your documents on it.)

Make sure you get your mail: The post office won’t deliver your mail if the mailbox doesn’t have a name, and it’ll be difficult to sign for packages if UPS can’t get to your front door. If you’re in a multi-unit building, make sure to put your name on your mailbox and verify that the buzzer or call box is working.

Meet your neighbors: It’s not just about being cordial. It’s good to exchange contact info with your neighbors in case there’s a problem or someone is being noisy.

Prepare for emergencies: Store the contact info for insurance agents and services like plumbers and locksmiths in your phone. You don’t want to waste time searching the internet when you’re locked out on a winter night or your home suffers fire damage.

Congratulations on closing escrow, and enjoy your new home!

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