What To Do Now If You Want to Sell in 2020

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Selling your house is a monumental event. And often the hardest thing to do is get ready. If you’re considering selling your home sometime in 2020, start early. Now is a great time to begin planning and get a few things in order.

Step One: Find out what your home is worth.

Once you’ve determined the estimated market value for your home, you can compare your property to other houses for sale in the neighborhood and figure out the ways in which your house is special. Check out out our free and easy valuation tool.  

Step Two: Consider where you’d like to move.

Put together a wish list for your next home. Consider location, type of home, size, and whether you’re open to a place that needs work or if you want something that is move-in ready.

Step Three: Talk to a great local agent.

An agent has tried-and-true resources to point you toward the best lenders, help you figure out the right time to sell, and help you prepare your home so that it will stand out from the competition. 

Step Four: Make any improvements your agent suggests to maximize your selling price.

Such improvements might be as easy as decluttering, placing a few well-chosen accessories around to enhance your home’s natural charm, or it could be painting a room, staging, or making other repairs or improvements. 

Step Five: Boost the appeal of your front and backyard.

Even if you don’t plan to list your home until spring, curb appeal can be maximized by starting now. Cool-weather is a great time to add young plants. Also, a season of rain (fingers crossed) can help small plants grow to be healthy and lush by the time you put your house on the market. 

Feel free to reach out if you’re considering selling now or in the future. We’d love to help you with your plans and make the process as easy as possible, while also increasing your bottom line. 

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