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Community Service & Involvement in Long Beach

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In neighborhoods across the US, a need for community involvement is cropping up from all generations, but it differs according to generation. While the older generations are feeling a keen sense of loss of community of their cities, the younger are feeling a driving need to become more invested in both involvement and community service. But where do we get started? Within our own neighborhoods in Long Beach, there’s many opportunities to be a part of the local fabric. Long Beach has a great sense of its identity from area to area, and an immense interest in its continual improvement. For …

new year

Getting Organized For the New Year

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2017 is here whether we were ready for it or not, yet don’t despair if you didn’t get as organized as you’d planned. It’s not too late to get organized for 2017. Don’t Procrastinate on Cleaning It’s a temptation to put off your to-dos and home maintenance . Take 2017 by storm by starting out with a tidy home.  If you think you might buy or sell a home in 2017, being ready to move or show your home will make the transition simpler, and the sale much easier to prepare for. Ways To Start: Keep the ‘hot spots’ in …

solar panels

Solar Benefits and Drawback for Owners

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Solar technology is a fantastic and fast moving industry, and the national desire to switch from traditional energy methods to renewable energy like solar is commendable. Solar energy is among the most hyped subjects for home improvement, with the promise of a completely sustainable and off-the-grid electrical service that will save homeowners money and the environment. That’s a big claim, but is it grounded in reality and will it actually be of benefit to someone wanting to update and sell their home? Like with most things in real estate, the answer is a little bit of yes and no. Yes: …

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Home Products to Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat in Style Multi-Functional Products You’ll Want at Home This Summer The summer heat is upon us. Check out these fabulous ways to beat the heat at home – even if you don’t have AC! The ZEF Climatic Table This sleek, modern, and functional dining room table has a special phase-changing material that absorbs and releases heat to keep rooms at a constant 72 degrees. Zoku Quick Pop Maker Make your own Popsicle in just 7 seven minutes with this nifty pop maker. Wine Chilling Carafe A chilled glass of wine on a warm summer night is a …

bunch of peaches


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What’s in the Garden? Peaches are the perfect summer fruit. They are sweet, juicy, tangy, and every bite brings to mind wonderful summer memories… This stone fruit is a member of the rose family and is a cousin to cherries, apricots, plums and even almonds. Blush Colored Gems at Long Beach Farmers Markets Walk through any Long Beach Farmers’ Market and baskets are overflowing with beautiful ripe blush colored fruit. Cling free peaches are the ones everybody loves to eat. White peaches are the sweetest. The fun donut shaped peach has velvet skin, and is not quite as sweet as …


Protect Your Skin – Homemade Sunscreen

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Homemade Sunscreen Summer is the time to be outside and enjoy the great Southern California weather, and sunscreen in part of the routine. Yet, how many times a day in the winter do you remember to put on sunscreen. This past year Long Beach had 278 days of sunshine and how many days did you protect your skin? Sun exposure is the biggest cause of skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology more than 2 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnoses this year and that is only in the United States. Staying out of the sun …

lemon front yard


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What’s in the Garden? Lemons are in the gardens all over Long Beach. Drive through any neighborhood, and you will see branches drooping to the ground because they are covered with bright yellow bursts of sunshine. Lemons are the world’s healthiest fruit. They originated in in Asia and have been cultivated in China and India for 2500 years. They were brought to Spain in the12 century.  Christopher Columbus brought the lemon to the Americas on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Lemons have been growing in Florida since the 16th century.Lemons are used for culinary and medicinal purposes throughout the …

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Long Beach Farmer’s Market

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner… All at the Farmer’s Market Start your week off with breakfast at an open-air European style market. Sundays’ Farmers Market in Long Beach is known as the South East Market. It is located in the parking lot of the Alamitos Bay Marina. Walk down any aisle and you can smell the ocean and see beautiful boats docked at the marina. Be sure to arrive hungry because you be able to buy the freshest and most amazing produce, and eat a freshly prepared breakfast. Enjoy a steaming cup of “pour over coffee,” and a perfectly soft poached …