7 Things Home Sellers May Forget to Do

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When you’re selling a home there’s so much to do: find a Realtor, do touch-ups, get that balky air conditioner fixed, look into staging… It’s no wonder that sometimes things fall between the cracks. Big things. (We’re not pointing fingers, promise!) Here’s a list of things sellers often forget. We promise you, these tasks are well worth the time it will take to complete them (which isn’t very long at all).Heed this sound advice, and there’s a good chance selling your house won’t be nearly as stressful as everyone tells you it is.To-do No. 1: Google your address Not all …


Takeaways From A Multi-Million-Dollar Mansion

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The $250 million asking price of a mansion that hit the market in January caught the attention of many people. Touting details like a helipad, 21 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, and a sizable car gallery, this grand estate fits the ideal of the Californian Hollywood lifestyle. But even in Bel Air, 38,000 square feet is big and the price tag is out of reach for most. By the property’s developer’s own consideration, there’s probably only 3,000 people worldwide that are even in the market for this kind of ultra mansion. The asking price of these kinds of properties can be kind of …

home trends

Interior Design Trends On Their Way Out

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Every year, we see shift in decorating trends. While we find ourselves discussing these new interior design trends regularly, it’s easy to forget which old ones it’s time to retire. For homeowners, changing a room can be a substantial boon if they’re thinking of selling their home in the near future. The visual appeal of rooms can greatly boost buyers’ interest. Even small changes in fixtures and finishes may greatly change the home’s appeal. If you’re thinking of making changes this year, here’s what’s not recommended for 2017: All White and Grey Rooms While the idea of living in completely monochrome rooms makes for …

staging furniture

Staging Your Home On Your Own

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When it’s time to sell your home, the question of how to present or “stage” the rooms is an important one. Staging helps sell homes. Yet most people live with their personality in every room. Inherited furniture, favorite artworks, and a lifetime of collected items make the space their own. While decluttering is one of the first things a Realtor may suggest you do before putting your home on the market, knowing what to do beyond that may be more of a challenge. Here’s a few best practices for staging your home using your own belongings: Avoid Big Prints Prints …

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Pantone’s Greenery and Your Home

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It’s become a tradition for the Pantone Color Institution to name a color each year that will be prominent in fashion and design. 2017 is the proud recipient of a simple green color that we all are familiar with, even if we’re not big on the trends: greenery. Described as a zesty yellow-green, this tone is regularly used to evoke the idea of freshness and life. It also has the benefit of being among the easiest to add to your home for a décor update that will appeal to you, visitors, and even potential buyers if you’re looking to sell. …

Home Inspection

Getting Through a Home Inspection

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Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll likely go through a home inspection. And for many, the idea of a home inspection can make their stomachs twist into knots. You don’t think anything is wrong with the house, but what if there is? The easiest way to relieve this stress is to understand what the home inspection is for, and how to prepare for it. Home Inspection Versus Appraisal A home inspection is sometimes confused with a home appraisal, but the overall purpose is different. The home inspector focuses on the structure of the home, its systems and components. This …

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Best Time of Year to Buy A Home

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Every year about this time, some home buyers and sellers throw in the towel. With short days and holidays around the corner, the prospect of buying a house may seem a bit daunting for some people. But for those who stick with it,  the prize can be so sweet: the perfect home of your dreams. At a fair price. And if you get started right away, you could buy a home and be in it by Christmas or Hanukkah. Year after year, closings in January have shown a slight dip in prices, suggesting that buyers who made offers in November or December got …

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Selling a Home When You Have Pets

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Your pets are your family, and much like children who have to be coached through the process of selling a home, your animal companions may need  a little help getting through this time. Your pets can also impact the sale of your home, and there are steps you can take to mitigate any negative impact. Make Time and Space for Your Buyers From the beginning of your decision to sell your home, you and your Realtor should agree on the best method to show the property with pets. While many people are appreciative of other pet owners, the presence of a dog or cat …


Does Your Fireplace Add Value or Just Mess?

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With the weather cooling across the country, the fireplace is again enjoying a rise to prominence in the home, warming hands and adding a bit of charm to the autumn evenings. For many of us, it adds a feeling of home no matter where you are, and as it turns out, it adds a lot of appeal for home buyers as well. The question of the day, however, is whether or not that appeal translates into a higher home value or simply a potential headache? The Equity of Warmth In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors, up to 40% of …


Schools and Your Home Value

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Here’s a simple truth: the quality of the schools close to you can have a big effect on your home’s value. Every day, parents all across the US search for homes that will put their kids (current and future alike!) into education programs that will help them take on challenges and build careers of their own. A Few Facts A survey by indicated that 91% of homebuyers thought that school boundaries were important in choosing where to buy a home. 20% of those same survey respondents said they would pay up to 10% over the asking price to secure …