Bulldog Beauty Contest Returns to Long Beach

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The bulldogs are back! The 14th Annual Bulldog Beauty Contest and pet adoption fair will be held Sunday, Feb. 11 at Marine Stadium, 5225 Paoli Way in Long Beach.

This annual event attracts not only bulldogs and their owners but other dog breeds as well with a whole slate of contests.

The Community Action Team (CAT), a prominent non-profit, coordinates this and other dog-related events under the moniker Haute Dogs, which annually draw thousands of participants and spectators.

Justin Rudd, executive director of CAT, started the beauty contest to draw people to a pet adoption fair. The event has grown tremendously popular since then and now has 20 other categories for all kinds of breeds. Rudd, a longtime community activist, spearheaded the drive for Rosie’s Dog Beach in Belmont Shore, which was named after his first bulldog.

“Long Beach is great city to live in,” Rudd said. “I’ve been here for 20 years. I’m honored to do what I do.”


There’s a good chance you’ll spot Rudd at the Beauty Contest with his own bulldog named POTUS. Yes, you read that right. The acronym for the President of the United States.

To register your dog for all eligible categories at the February event, including the Bulldog Beauty Contest, it’s $10 for pre-purchased tickets or $20 the day of the event. The winner of the beauty contest will get blue ribbons, bragging rights, and gift cards to purchase enough Petcurean dog food for a year.


If you’re interested in watching the contests, front row chairs will be rented for $5 each. Otherwise, it’s free to watch.

Here’s a schedule of the day’s competitions:

9:40 a.m.:Best Dog with a Disability (all breeds/mixes; i.e. blind, deaf, wheelchaired, three-legged, etc.)
10 a.m.: National (English) Bulldog Beauty Contest
11:05 a.m.: Best Jr. Handler, kids ages 8-16 and their dogs
11:15 a.m.: Best Senior Dog (all breeds/mixes, ages 7+)
11:30:  Best Young Dog (16 weeks to 1 year; all breeds/mixes)
11:45 p.m.: Most Handsome Dog (all male dogs; all mixes/breeds)
12 p.m.:  Prettiest Dog (all female dogs; all mixes/breeds)
12:15 p.m.: French Bulldog Beauty Contest
12:40 p.m.: Cutest Dog (all breeds/mixes)
12:50 p.m.: Best Costume/Outfit on a dog (all breeds/mixes)
1 p.m.: National Mutt Show (any mixed breed)
1:15 p.m.: Best Smile (all breeds/mixes)
1:30 p.m.: Best in Show (all breeds/mixes)
1:50 p.m.: Best Legs (all breeds/mixes)
2 p.m.: Best Small Dog (generally 20 lbs. or less and/or shorter than 16 inches; not puppies)
2:10 p.m.: Best Large Dog (generally 60+ lbs.)
2:20 p.m.: Most Photogenic (all breeds/mixes)
2:30:  Best Ears (all breeds/mixes)
2:40:  Best Butt (all breeds/mixes)
2:50 Best Tail (all breeds/mixes)

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