Colorado Lagoon Restoration Project

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The lagoon is getting a facelift, but that’s not all…


The Colorado Lagoon was once a flourishing part of the historic Los Cerritos Wetlands and remains a habitat for various animals and plants.

Today, it’s surrounded by beautiful homes and parks and is a special haven for families and Long Beach locals. But you’ve probably noticed… something’s afoot at the lagoon.

Despite so many drastic environmental changes over the years, the saltwater lagoon is still an important retreat to many fish and jellyfish and it’s a rest stop for all kinds of migrating birds year after year. Lately though, that natural scene has  been shrouded by a wall of blue tarp. And, here’s why: The lagoon is being restored to its former ecological dignity.

Scope of Colorado Lagoon Project

Contractors are working on contouring its northern shore to provide much needed support for several acres of coastal plant life. This will provide a stronger foundation to help restore better quality water.

Additionally, an LA County funded project will help construct a storm drain to channel 40% of accumulated storm water in and around the Lagoon to be released into Marine Stadium.


In addition to improving the lagoon itself, a new footpath, benches, and a floating footbridge are slated to be added to the recreational hot spot. And landscapers will make room for young trees and plants native to California.
img_0063-300x225The lagoon is also home to the cherished Model Boat Shop, the pre-school co-op the Lagoon Playgroup (which has been around since 1948), and the Wetland Marine and Science Center. It’s also the site of countless birthday parties and picnics.

The Colorado Lagoon is one of California’s few surviving wetlands, so now is the time to conserve the area and give it new life.

To some, the restoration might be a temporary eyesore, but for many it will be a welcome and valuable breath of fresh air.

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