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Staging Your Outdoor Space

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Designing an Outdoor Destination

Outdoor living is one of the simple joys of life in Southern California. We celebrate, entertain, relax, and recharge in our outdoor spaces. Despite the value these outdoor areas add to a home, they often take a back seat to the interior staging of a property. With a few simple guidelines, you can spruce up your outdoor space and invite prospective buyers to settle in and enjoy the atmosphere long term.

The Power of Perspective

Whether a buyer’s perspective is from a curbside glance, the view from a porch rocking chair, or the door frame of a patio opening to a lushly planted back yard, structure, balance, and color have the ability to immediately impact a property’s appeal. It’s a great opportunity to take inventory of your outdoor space’s pluses and minuses. At times, cutting down on the size or number of plantings, reshaping larger trees or shrubs with well sculpted pruning, or even replacing old lawn areas with California friendly succulents, decomposed granite, or pavers can add a much needed fresh touch to an overcrowded or dated outdoor look.


Create Drama with Detail

The right combination of color, plants, and structure all add visual interest to staging a property. Craft immediate impact and mood with colorfully potted perennials such as broad leaved canna lilies, kaleidoscopic succulents, and brightly flowered bougainvillea. Consult with your local garden center or Monrovia.com for varieties in peak foliage and bloom cycle for your showing season. Add visual focal points like Moroccan style lanterns, dramatically strung overhead lighting, boldly patterned outdoor pillows, and space framing rugs for a touch of the exotic in your outdoor living space. Worldmarket.com is a great source for style inspiration.

Channel Your Property’s Strengths

Working within the framework of what already exists in your outdoor space can be a great staging jumping off point. Outdoor spaces are an extension of the property’s architecture, interior décor, colors, and overall experience. Find exciting ways to weave themes and ques from adjacent interior rooms to create a cohesive feel when tying your outdoor space into the property’s staging plan. Many historic properties come with the added bonus of fountains or water features. Bring these valuable points of interest into focus by accenting them with style or period appropriate outdoor furniture and pottery.

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