Give Your Home A Feng Shui Reboot

Feng Shui Your Home

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When it comes to home design, Feng Shui represents both a hot trend featured in lifestyle publications and social media channels and a deeply philosophical tradition with ancient roots planted in concepts of flow and balance. The meaning of the word “Feng Shui” is entwined with nature– Feng translates to wind and Shui translates to water. In Chinese culture, both these elements …

The Lego House

Extreme Home Transformations

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Changing from A to Z It’s no small stretch of the imagination to say certain houses have led past lives. Whether it’s through several coats of paint, a series of interior makeovers, or a fully imagined structural remodel, stories of a property’s transformation range from the subtle to the grandiose. Especially in a city like Long Beach, where many homes …

Outdoor Staging

Staging Your Outdoor Space

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Designing an Outdoor Destination Outdoor living is one of the simple joys of life in Southern California. We celebrate, entertain, relax, and recharge in our outdoor spaces. Despite the value these outdoor areas add to a home, they often take a back seat to the interior staging of a property. With a few simple guidelines, you can spruce up your …

Home Products to Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat in Style Multi-Functional Products You’ll Want at Home This Summer The summer heat is upon us. Check out these fabulous ways to beat the heat at home – even if you don’t have AC! The ZEF Climatic Table This sleek, modern, and functional dining room table has a special phase-changing material that absorbs and releases heat to …

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Unusual Staircases to Inspire your Next Remodel

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From Stunning to Bizarre, Unusual Staircases are Stealing the Show! These staircases will make you want to climb to the top While the kitchen and bathroom are the most common remodeling projects, unique staircases may just be the next trend in home design. You climb them every day – why not give your staircase a makeover? Here’s a roundup of …

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Smart Under-Stairs Storage

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If you’ve got a two-story home, the sometimes neglected space under your staircase may provide an ideal spot for some smart under-stairs storage. Because really, what home couldn’t use more storage? Here’s some great options for the space under your staircase: Stealthy Storage   This stylish example of drawers and cabinets demonstrates the important role that paint and hardware play …