Shed Savvy: The Wonderful Ways to Use a Shed

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Shed Design: A Worthy Transformation

10 Creative Ways to Use your Shed

When you hear the word ‘shed,’ you tend to picture a small rustic garden shed where the lawnmower is stored. However, sheds have progressed a lot recently. Quality sheds are an excellent addition to any home and whether you’re planning to stay put or sell, it may be worth it to add one to your property. Here are some of the ways a shed can be used.

Garden Shed

Keep it simple and use your shed for what it was originally intended: A storage place for tools and gardening supplies. Step it up a notch by making your garden shed both attractive and functional. Start on the outside by giving it a fresh coat of paint and planting around the border. On the inside, create an organized space with plenty of hooks, shelves and drawers.


shed savvy

Photo: owtdoor.com

Photo: bhg.com

Photo: bhg.com

Art Studio

Sheds make for a great work space because they’re separate from the house, which may make it easier to focus in peace and quiet.

Photo: Dwell.com

Photo: Dwell.com

The She Shed

The female version of a man cave is the latest trend in shed design. The purpose is to create a pleasant space to relax and unwind in.

Photo: Quickanddirtytips.com

Photo: Quickanddirtytips.com

Home Gym

Avoid a gym membership by creating your own private gym at home!


Photo: Garagegyms.com

The Getaway Shed

Why not turn your shed into a livable space for guests or family staycations? Create a cozy sleeping space and you’ll have your very own adorable cottage!


Play Space

Turn your shed into an outdoor play space for the kids. Just add a table and chairs, a chalkboard, and a few toys. Not only will they love it, but it will be easy for you to keep an eye on them!

Photo: Pinterest.com

Photo: Pinterest.com

A Green House

Create a beautiful greenhouse to grow plants in all year long. Learn how to build your own here.


Photo: Newsprepper.com

Photo: Newsprepper.com

Game Room

Use your shed as a space to hangout with the family or entertain guests in by turning it into a game room. Add a few comfy bean bag chairs, games, and a music system and you’re ready to have some fun!

Photo: gametablesonline.com

Photo: gametablesonline.com

Outdoor Bar

Take the entertaining room to the next level by setting up a mini bar and fridge in your shed!

Photo: themovingexperiencede.com

Photo: themovingexperiencede.com

A Home Office

Create a quiet space away from the house to get your work done. All you need is a table and chairs, some storage space, and cute decor.

Photo: Woohome.com

Photo: Woohome.com

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