long beach airport

Taking a Flight From the Long Beach Airport

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Flying away for a weekend trip is no problem at all for Long Beach residents. The Long Beach Airport, built in 1941, has continued to evolve with the city while still retaining its historic character. Acting as a convenient hub for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods and cities like Lakewood and Signal Hill, LGB provides easy access and a great alternative to the hassle of the behemoth LAX. Destinations The places you can go from Long Beach’s airport are quite diverse from coast to coast. The flights to and from Long Beach are largely furnished by JetBlue and Southwest. Multiple flights …

education in Long Beach

Higher Education in Long Beach

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Higher education after K-12 isn’t just an afterthought in Long Beach, but an entire industry and lifestyle that has shaped the city in many ways. With two significant local programs and multiple decades of learning across the institutions, your next vocation is just a classroom away. California State University, Long Beach The largest and most well known of Long Beach’s higher education institutions is California State University, Long Beach. Accounting for a significant amount of the property and commerce on the northeast east side of the city, its landmark pyramid means that CSULB is easily seen from afar. CSULB is not only …


Wrigley, Long Beach’s Hidden Gem

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Wrigley is a neighborhood that is well-known for both its name and its tradition as a well-established neighborhood. As one of the earliest developments of Long Beach, this neighborhood has seen a lot of change, but remains largely untouched by time. Tidy streets lined with palm trees and carefully tended lawns give this area the nostalgic feeling of suburban America which has changed in some parts of Southern California.   Yes, That Wrigley The Wrigley neighborhood was founded by the Wrigley Gum dynasty’s William Wrigley Jr. It began as a 12 acre development of Spanish style homes in 1927,  one …

specialty coffee

Long Beach Specialty Coffee Goes Beyond Pumpkin

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Specialty coffee is something of a favorite drink in the US, and Starbucks’ rise to fame making iced, blended, flavored, and everything in between coffee drinks just serves as evidence of its popularity. Everyone who has been in a Starbucks has probably at least heard rumors of it: the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. Considered the quintessential fall drink, this beverage is hyped from September to Christmas almost every year, with countdowns to when you can buy one for yourself. Specialty coffee can go way beyond seasonal availability, with smaller coffee shops in every town having their fair share of unique …

sweet tooth

Long Beach Has a Sweet Tooth

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It turns out that the City of Long Beach isn’t just a great location for the beach, entertainment, and walkability; it also is paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Judging from our ice cream shops, bakeries, and specialty food places, we have to admit that it’s not very surprising. According to the Travel Channel, we eat more ice cream than any other city in the country, and with the options that we have, it would be hard not to. Let’s cover the ways we celebrate our love of sugar here: The Long Beach Sweet Tooth Champion: Ice Cream Let’s start …

packing house

A Long Beach Food Hall Near You

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Another small industrial space, full of small stalls and eateries is looking to make its home in Long Beach, in the Bixby Knolls community. Named Steelcraft for the giant shipping containers that the businesses will be housed in, this food hall is a whole new world for Long Beach, but is a trend that has been increasing across the states from California to New York. What Is A Food Hall? A “food hall”,  as they have come to be known, is typically a collection of small eateries and handicrafts in a building together. Many of these can be found inside …

4th Street Retro Row, Long Beach, CA

A Trip Back in Time on Retro Row

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4th Street in Long Beach, aka “Retro Row” is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s like taking a trip back in time, just by walking down the street. This small stretch of 4th Street, in between Junipero Ave. and Cherry Ave. in the midst of several Long Beach Historic Districts, is bursting with personality. The spirit, vibrancy, and character of this corridor is unlike any other place in the city. Dubbed “Retro Row” by locals and tourists alike, this street features dozens of vintage shops and boutiques. Here, you can find some of the best antique furniture and clothing stores in the city, …

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Wine Bars in Long Beach

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Looking for a Wine Bar in Long Beach? You’re in Luck! Wine bars have quickly gain popularity since the early 90s. They are a great alternative to coffee houses, restaurants, and dive bars. Wine bars offer a grown-up night out in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Once again, Long Beach shows its true colors as a sophisticated “Big” city on the beach. Most beach towns have one maybe two wine bars if any. Long Beach boasts at least seven traditional wine bars and several cafes, bistros, and gastropubs that specialize in pairing wine with small tasty plates. Let’s talk wine bars in …

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Long Beach Creamery

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Best Hand Crafted Ice Cream in Long Beach Long Beach Creamery was inspired by Dina Amadril’s curious and adventurous palate, created by her keen mind. Made daily by her two hands, Long Beach Creamy serves the best hand crafted ice cream in the city. Originally from Rhode Island, Dina graduated college and opened a Mexican Restaurant. It closed after two years. Dina was left with only her truck, $150 in her pocket, and feelings of discouragement. She decided to drive west to California and brought her brother with her. Dina worked in the corporate world of marketing for several years, …

Long Beach drive thru coffee

Drive Thru Coffee

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Coffee! It should be one of the four basic food groups consumed all day.  Coffee is universal, and you can find a cup of Joe on every street corner. There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee. It tastes like a mildly roasted nut, but not burnt, tart or bitter. It has a warm smooth finish, and the smell wakes up all of your senses leaving a relaxed smile on your face. Hot brown liquid without any pretenses. Now, where to find this simple pleasure in Long Beach? Again, coffee can be found on almost every street corner. Let’s be realistic, this …