Should You Make A Move Before or After Your Retire?

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For many people, retirement represents carefree living, financial freedom, and a slower, more relaxed day-to-day pace. For all of these dreams to become a reality, some well thought-out planning is required before you retire.  This is especially true if you’re thinking about making a move around the time you transition out of the work force. If you’re still working, but …

Refreshing Your Yard

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While Southern California doesn’t experience severe winters, this is a great time of year for refreshing y our yard. With generally mild weather, February and March make for a great time to make some changes. Give yourself an afternoon for these little yard pick-me-ups, and enjoy well into the summer. The added benefit of the curb appeal is just icing …

Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

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Pests are a reality of home ownership, with tiny animals and insects coming in like unwanted tenants. Every area has their own local nuisances, so realistically, you’ll deal with one of these at some point as the owner of a house. Each creature has their own habits and problems, but all usually need to be removed. Today we’ll go over …


Schools and Your Home Value

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Here’s a simple truth: the quality of the schools close to you can have a big effect on your home’s value. Every day, parents all across the US search for homes that will put their kids (current and future alike!) into education programs that will help them take on challenges and build careers of their own. A Few Facts A …

selling your home in autumn

Selling a Home in Autumn

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Selling a home in Autumn sounds sacriligious in the eyes of popular opinion. According to most standard guides to selling your home, after Labor Day is the house listing expiration date. Everyone is encouraged to make improvements to their home, strategize, and wait out the holidays and winter until better selling times are upon them. The problem is that this …

Sell your home this summer

Sell Your Home This Summer

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It’s Never Too Late To Sell Spring is the traditional time to put a home on the market, yet summer can be a great time as well. It’s the end of the school year, graduations are almost finished, and Father’s Day is right around the corner. With vacation plans and kids out of school, many people shy away from adding a …