yard refresh

Refreshing Your Yard

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While Southern California doesn’t experience severe winters, this is a great time of year for refreshing y our yard. With generally mild weather, February and March make for a great time to make some changes. Give yourself an afternoon for these little yard pick-me-ups, and enjoy well into the summer. The added benefit of the curb appeal is just icing on the cake. Give the Entry Some Love The front entrance is one of the first things guest see. It’s also one of the easiest things to brighten up, needing little more than some color, a personal touch, and maybe a …

pantone greenery

Pantone’s Greenery and Your Home

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It’s become a tradition for the Pantone Color Institution to name a color each year that will be prominent in fashion and design. 2017 is the proud recipient of a simple green color that we all are familiar with, even if we’re not big on the trends: greenery. Described as a zesty yellow-green, this tone is regularly used to evoke the idea of freshness and life. It also has the benefit of being among the easiest to add to your home for a décor update that will appeal to you, visitors, and even potential buyers if you’re looking to sell. …


What Do You Need to Fix to Sell Your House?

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Getting a home ready to put on the market can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re comparing your home to the ones you see on house flipping shows. Is it really necessary to do a complete remodel and full-on staging in order to sell? Do you need to upgrade or fix everything? The answer is no, and in fact, some repairs or upgrades might actually cost you more than they would add to your home’s value. The key is to focus on items that will help you sell the home more quickly, net more money, and prevent problems that could cause …

heat tolerant garden

Helping Your California Yard Beat the Heat

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Late summer is upon us, and for most of Southern California, that means more sun and heat where our neighbors elsewhere in the country will begin to feel autumn creeping up. On one hand, great! We like our long summers in California to go to the beach, enjoy our pools, and cool down in the evening on porches and other cool places around the local cities. On the other hand, plants are taking a beating longer than usual with low rainfall and rare cloudy days. That little herb garden you’re keeping on the apartment porch may be looking a little …

The Horticult Garden - Ryan Benoit Design

Best Summer Projects For Your Yard

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Affordable and Easy Projects for Your Yard Top 5 practical, yet stylish ideas Summer in California is the perfect time to enjoy time outdoors at home. If your yard could use a little boost, check out these simple projects to help make this your best summer yet. Let There Be Light! Not only does outdoor lighting add a lovely summer ambiance, but it’s also a bonus safety feature for any home. Install landscape lighting along your front walkway and add decorative lighting fixtures to your backyard and patio. Check out the eco-friendly options here. Add a Simple Deck A deck provides …

lawn to garden

From Lawn to Garden: Transform your Yard

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How To Transform Your Lawn to A Garden in California A Drought Doesn’t Mean your Garden has to be an Eyesore Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to get your lawn garden ready. Plants are in full supply and the weather is prime for getting in your yard work. Furthermore, an attractive yard boosts curb appeal, which can help your home sell in the future. If you’re looking for a great place to shop for plants, don’t forget to check out the Long Beach City College Horticulture Club’s  Annual Fundraiser Plant Sale and Open House! Where: 1305 E. Pacific Coast …

Create Privacy

How to Create Privacy When it Feels Like You Don’t Have Any

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Pretty and Private: How to create privacy at home without sacrificing on appearance It’s not uncommon to live in close proximity to neighbors. Maybe you love your neighbors, maybe you don’t. Either way, sometimes it’s nice to just have a little privacy. If you practically share a balcony with your neighbor or feel as if your neighbors are watching your every move, consider creating a pleasant and private area to relax outside your home. Here are some ideas to help get you started. Curtains Hang curtains on your porch or balcony to create a pleasant barrier as well as keep the …

bunch of peaches


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What’s in the Garden? Peaches are the perfect summer fruit. They are sweet, juicy, tangy, and every bite brings to mind wonderful summer memories… This stone fruit is a member of the rose family and is a cousin to cherries, apricots, plums and even almonds. Blush Colored Gems at Long Beach Farmers Markets Walk through any Long Beach Farmers’ Market and baskets are overflowing with beautiful ripe blush colored fruit. Cling free peaches are the ones everybody loves to eat. White peaches are the sweetest. The fun donut shaped peach has velvet skin, and is not quite as sweet as …

radish in bowls

Radishes in the Garden

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Radishes  – A Super Food! When you think of super foods you automatically think blueberries, salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, and almonds, but a radish? Yes, radishes indeed act as a diuretic, cleanse the kidneys and liver, curve inflammation, and reduce toxins in the body. Not to mention, a radish has only one calorie. A radish is an edible root vegetable domesticated in Europe in Pre-Roman times. They are a hardy mild-season vegetable. Radishes can produce many crops each season due to the rapid days to maturity. Therefore, they are quick and easy to grow in any garden.   Known in some parts of …


Growing in the Garden… Greek Oregano

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Grilling with Greek Oregano Growing in the garden this week is an abundance of fresh herbs including the usual suspects; parsley, thyme, and tons of basil. However, not every garden has Greek Oregano, and it is so easy to grow year round. It is a member of the mint family and originated in the mountains of Greece. The name means “joy,” and according to Greek Mythology the sweet and spicy scent of Oregano was created by the goddess Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness. In fact ancient Greek bridal couples were crowned with garlands of Oregano. Its power to heal …