Featured Areas

  • Anaheim, CA


    Anaheim, California is often only known for its tourist industry, such as the Disneyland Resort and Angels Stadium, but this city is so much more than that. Founded in 1857 by 50 German families, the name "Anaheim" essentially translates to mean "Home by the Santa Ana River" in German. Today,...

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    • Total population 351,485

    • Median h.h. income $62,090

    • Median commute27.00 mins
  • Westminster, CA


    The city of Westminster has been around for much longer than some of its neighbors. The city was founded in 1870 as a Presbyterian temperance colony and named after the Westminster Assembly of 1643. It became incorporated as a city in 1957. There was a proposal to name it Tri-City, as it was to be...

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    • Total population 1,301

    • Median h.h. income $133,433

    • Median commute28.00 mins
  • La Palma, CA

    La Palma

    La Palma, California, measuring at just 1.82 square miles, is the smallest city in Orange County in regards to area. But don't underestimate this tiny town - it is full of friendly neighbors and a large amount of community pride. Originally named Dairyland when it was incorporated in 1955, the...

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    • Total population 15,789

    • Median h.h. income $87,763

    • Median commute29.00 mins
  • Cerritos, CA


    Formerly known as Dairy Valley because of the abundance of dairy farms, Cerritos has since earned the nickname "The Geographical Center of Southern California," and for good reason. This vibrant and bustling city has a little bit of everything - from parks to shopping to arts and more. It is also...

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    • Total population 49,548

    • Median h.h. income $88,497

    • Median commute29.00 mins
  • Cypress, CA


    Located on the northern end of Orange County lies the city of Cypress. It is a bit of a mystery how Cypress got its name, because the city has never had many cypress trees. It was actually once called Dairy City because of the large number of dairy farms and ranches that were once in the area. ...

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    • Total population 48,647

    • Median h.h. income $80,753

    • Median commute28.00 mins
  • Huntington Beach, CA

    Huntington Beach

    Often referred to as "Surf City, USA," Huntington Beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The fabulous beaches attract people, and the wonderful shops, restaurants, and schools make them want to stay. It is a city where you can work hard and play harder! There are all...

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    • Total population 195,942

    • Median h.h. income $82,999

    • Median commute28.00 mins
  • bellflower


    Nicknamed "The Friendly City", Bellflower is the perfect place for anyone desiring a sense of community. Located in Los Angeles County in between cities including Downey, Cerritos, Lakewood, and Long Beach, and adjacent to Interstate 605 and the 95 and 105 Freeways, it is in a prime location for...

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    • Total population 76,821

    • Median h.h. income $51,856

    • Median commute27.00 mins
  • SanPedro1copy

    San Pedro

    If you are looking for an oceanfront community with big city access and some of the most affordable prices in Southern California , San Pedro is the place to look. This community, once its own city, officially became part of the City of Los Angeles in 1909. But don't let that fool you; San Pedro...

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    • Total population 82,923

    • Median h.h. income $60,911

    • Median commute26.49 mins
  • Rossmoor, CA


    Rossmoor real estate is some of the most desirable within Orange County. Rossmoor is an affluent unincorporated community located in Orange County, California. It's considered very desirable for a number of reasons, including its central location, numerous parks and highly rated schools. Rossmoor is...

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    • Total population 10,244

    • Median h.h. income $133,433

    • Median commute28.00 mins
  • Belmont Park Bay

    Long Beach

    Long Beach is currently experiencing a period of cultural renaissance that has transformed it from an unrefined Port town to a bustling, vibrant coastal community with growing roots in the arts, entertainment and fine-dining industries. Long Beach real estate is sought after because the city...

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    • Total population 468,776

    • Median h.h. income $55,020

    • Median commute28.00 mins
  • City Slogan Sign


    Lakewood, California is often referred to as an "instant city" because between the mid-1950s and 1960 it was completely transformed from fields of lima beans into a bustling, post-World War II suburban community. Servicemen returning from World War II needed a place to live, and they liked Southern...

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    • Total population 79,858

    • Median h.h. income $77,762

    • Median commute27.00 mins
  • SignalHill Park & Houses

    Signal Hill

    Situated atop a hill 365 feet above the City of Long Beach, Signal Hill is a small town that was born out of the Long Beach oil boom of the early 1920s. After oil geysers erupted on the town in 1921, over 100 oil derrick spires were erected, giving the town a "spikey" look which earned its...

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    • Total population 11,837

    • Median h.h. income $67,520

    • Median commute26.00 mins
  • Sunset Newport Beach - Orange County, CA

    Orange County

    If you were to ask someone why they liked living in Orange County, California, they wouldn't be able to give you just one answer - or at least the one answer wouldn't be the same from person-to-person. There are a plethora of reasons why Orange County (OC) is among the most desirable places in the...

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    • Total population 3,114,363

    • Median h.h. income $75,422
  • San Gabrie River - Seal Beach CA

    Seal Beach

    Seal Beach sits on the coast as the gateway to Orange County between the cities of Long Beach and Huntington Beach. The city is well known as a quaint, small town with a traditional coastal city vibe. City programs, non-profit groups and businesses provide a variety of services, exciting events and...

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    • Total population 24,508

    • Median h.h. income $55,216

    • Median commute29.00 mins
  • Los Alamitos

    Los Alamitos

    Los Alamitos is a small city that was first incorporated in March 1960. It lies inland from Seal Beach on the western edge of Orange County. First incorporated in 1960, the population of Los Alamitos was 11,449 at the 2010 census. It’s perhaps best known for the Los Alamitos Race Course, which...

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    • Total population 11,560

    • Median h.h. income $83,698

    • Median commute25.00 mins